Your Man Of The Match – Versus Everton

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Mine was undoubtedly Kaboul.

There were lots of positives (you never hear this phrase after a win – funny that) from lots of players. But Kaboul was for want of a better word, staunch. He arrived at The Lane with a burden of expectation upon his Gallic shoulders and the old girl never quite bore the weight.

Jarred off then wholesaled off to Pompey he appeared to, in very technical parlance, get a bit better. His return was heralded with the same disinterest as his departure. Part of some debt consolation deal or a kick back on some Premiership Club Card reward program, I forget.

But he looks to be genuinely on the level now. And in a aside that has habitual ‘back four issues’, that’s a welcome addition.

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  • bruce castle says:

    That interview Camolli gave last week after the Inter Milan game was unbelievable, he claimed he was responsible for Bale and BAE’s success now. DC is such a pr*ck. I am glad Tottenham Hotspur Football Club don’t still have him making a mess of the relationship between Levy and the manager.

    • onedavemackay says:

      Levy made a mess of the relationship between himself and the manager by appointing that rotund Gallic idiot in the first place and failing to sack him within 12 months by which time Demonic Commotion had already demonstrated that he knows as much about football as your average FIFA official.

      He also managed to undermine Martin Jol.

      • bruce castle says:

        Levy has his own faults for sure, but i’d rather have him than the likes of Sugar or Scholar, let alone those half-whit porn kings over at the Boleyn Ground.

        • bruce castle says:

          half-wits too.

        • Spurstacus says:

          Not much for pancake day are they then? ;-)

        • Onedavemackay says:

          I think Levy is one of the best CEOs around English football but like all of us he makes mistakes. The worst thing with that French imbecile was the length of time he lasted when it was obvious he had no idea what he was doing.

          I am one of the few Spurs fans who thinks that Lord Sugs did us far more good than harm. There are very few current owners in the Prem that are better than him.

  • Fiedor says:

    Okay, that answered my own question. Bear with me, I adapt slowly to change.

  • Snap says:

    Stop Alan Smith commentating on all Spurs games on Sky:

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