And Still Ricky Villa [A Must Read For Yids Of Certain Age]

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Autobiographies are a mixed bag.

On paper the autobiography of a player – that may be primarily known in this country to many people for one amazing FA Cup winning goal that highlighted a spell at a (then) First Division team that lasted only 4 years – might be a bit of a thin read.

The problem with that theory is that this is Ricky Villa’s autobiography. Consequently all ‘dull book’ bets are well and truly off.

What fires this autobiography along is Villa. He’s intelligent, articulate and he’s telling what is genuinely a fascinating story. Sure there are gems galore in relation to the whole Ossie & Ricky era, but this is more than that.

The Tottinghams hand selected me as a fan at an early age. Villa’s contribution to our history merely underlined I’d been adopted by the right firm.

I am interviewing the World Cup winner himself in the next few weeks or next month or something and would be happy to field him questions supplied by HH readers, so speak now of forever hold yer wotsits.

The book is available globally for the monies quoted on the dust cover. Naturally, discerning punters can get it on a never to be repeated HH knock down deal HERE. I am cheaper than the publisher. Work that one out.

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  • Sid Trotter says:

    16) if he did buy an Aston did he call it Martin

  • Sid Trotter says:

    17) can he bung me his autobiog for free ….
    18) can he bunbg me his bautobiog at a discounted rate
    19) can I buy it for full whack
    19) allright, jeepers, can I buy it for full whack and throw in a donation
    20) what does he feel like living in a country that is next door to a country that puts miners down in the ground and doesnt let them up for ages

  • Sid Trotter says:

    21) did he ever make love to Ozzie
    22) did he ever make love to Ozzies wife
    23) did he ever remember keeping a ball from going out along the line having travelled 50 yards along said line – wouldnt that be cool if he did
    24) is his favourite number 17
    25) is his favourite number 8
    26) is his favourite number 129
    27) what is 17 x 3 divided by 5
    28) what is the capital of Burkina Faso (Ougadougou)

  • SpursSince67 says:

    With out doubt for me it was one of those “I remember where I was” moments in that I was catching up on events back home while camping on my first ever Foreign holiday ( discounting a tripp to the Isle of Wight two years earlier, it was 2 weeks camping with a mate on the Riviera that required a gruelling 2 day drive in my Ford Escort Mk 1 from Croydon to St Tropez…) and I was reading with astonishment the back of a 2 day old Daily Mail, to avoid paying for it, that SPURS had the audacity to buy not one but 2 Argentinian super stars from the the World Cup campaign !!

    We just didn’t do that sort of thing ! Suffice to say Villas goal is for sure No 1 for me in all time greatest, enjoy meeting him HH, it’ll be a true privilege….

    Only one Question; What does he really think of Maradona ?

  • Ned says:

    When he took that last turn an excited lad behind that goal for a split second thought “oh no, it’s a turn too far, he’s gonna lose it now…” but Ricky *knew* and delivered and the lad was so happy to be so wrong. Ricky and Ossie are legendary Spurs men.

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