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My burning question this morning is who are THFC are selling home tickets to these days? Did anyone else feel the hate in the room last night? We seem to revisiting that whole ’emotional investment’ conversation again and again.

Look, I’m not advocating we routinely accept daft results like only taking a point off habitual losers like Sunderland at home. But we perhaps need to think about what support actually is.

I cannot recall an incident where a football team either collectively or by individual player were booed into playing better. But going to the The Lane these days there seems to be an upward swing in the volume of those who are outraged not only when Spurs don’t win but when a specific pass or shot falls short in the ‘magnificent’ stakes.

The internet is different. That’s what I told the cops. But it is. Brutally sledging Bob Keane online is a victimless crime. Nobody dies. Traveling to north London, paying £30 and standing on tip toe screaming despicable and vile abuse at someone wearing the Lilywhite shirt is bordering on psychotic.

Bentley of course was savaged. But his refusal to burst into tears and flee the pitch only served to provoke more hate. 3MP got his. Then Bale, then Modders.

The arrogance amongst our support is becoming increasingly suffocating. Try this for size. Ever heard the phrase, ‘As I Am You Shall Be‘ ? It’s a rough approximation of a not uncommon Roman grave inscription, Quod tu es, ego fui, quod ego sum, tu eris.

If Spurs fans continue along their current path, then they will become an arrogant foul mouthed version of the Woolwich Wanderers down the road.The Gooners haven’t won anything in a dog’s age. Their path instead has taken them on routine qualification for the Champions League.

We laugh out loud at Arsenalization, but you can’t help but wonder if some of our fans were put in charge of Tottinghamization at wherever our new home might be, complimentary scarves draped over seat backs would be replaced with placards marked, ‘W*nkers!’ and ‘F*ck Off Back To Wales!’,

So yes we lost two points. And excuses like our 3 best defenders are out and we haven’t got a striker you can rely upon are boring to hear. But we stand to lose a hell of a lot more if we aren’t careful.

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  • Martin says:

    Well said Harry. I’d love to see us actually start getting behind the team when we are playing badly and maybe inspire them. We are our twelfth man in Europe, but it seems like there is a different crowd completely for the domestic home games.

  • DAVID says:

    The reaction of some supporters is hard to fathom at times.
    Yes, it’s disapointing, annoying, frustrating, but why the booing ?
    Someone said a week is a long time in politics, same seems to apply to football.
    Wonder what the likes of VDV and Bale made of it ?
    Is it going to encourage them to stay ?
    Our current injury problems are now compounded by the fact Crouch is our only fit forward.
    There is light at the end of the tunnel, with Defoe, Dawson, Lennon back soon and Ledley must be due his latest recovery.
    Playing with fourth and fifth choice centre backs is not helping!
    Take a look at any of our competitors and see what their side looks like with first 3 choice centre backs unavailable.

  • Fiedor says:

    Not condoning the booing, just making a point.

  • 2Day`Arry says:

    I don’t know how I got this avatar but it’s pretty close to the truth after a few too many

  • Essexian76 says:

    It’s always been like that. There are players who can do nothing wrong and those that can do nothing right. Bentley will never be accepted for he once played for the Goons, the fact he played a vital part in getting us to the CL means nothing in some eyes. Jenas is the same, the guys played well when asked, but the instant a stray one!, Heaven forbid.
    I’ve seen it so many times, yet when we have a team of eleven donkey’s our supporters are fantastic (scratches head)

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