Hotspur’s Stocking Fillers

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Ding dong merrily on… well for many it’s a chair stuck to the floor in an airport terminal or sat in a traffic jammed car realizing that the music compilation you made is the perfect soundtrack to self harming.

Men are genetically programmed to shop late. Here then at the death are as many knock down, knock off,  never to be repeated deals and steals of the century as I could muster.

And just as we reward ourselves with a few cold ones after braving the shops, there’s a gratuitous flesh fest at the end to warm your cyber cockles.

Superb framed replica shirt from the infamous 1981 FA Cup Final, hand-signed by Spurs’ hero Ricky Villa £149 – Get 10% off use the Promo Code ‘1882’.


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  • NaffinEck says:

    Considering the raging torrent of nonsense that is the content of newsnow at present it is a welcome relief to see Sid James and no transfer gossip waffle on here. We all know we need a top striker and a dm and cover for defence but also that we are unlikely to be breaking any banks to do it. Probably be another ‘meh’ on deadline day so we have time to chill and get fat and bored watching telly for a bit. Seasonal Felicitation to all.

  • onedavemackay says:

    On the Fancast T shirt site I notice the racist scum at Stamford Bridge are offered a “One man went to mow” T shirt which, as most of us know, is a euphemism for their song “One man went to gas a Yiddo”.

    Very nice that…………

  • Sid Trotter says:

    “I believe I am a flying tart” …

  • david says:

    On the subject of valuable merchandise, I have been trying to buy the cup shirt, but the Spurs shop sold out weeks ago, there is no indication they are getting anymore in and all of the shops I have been to only have the league shirt in stock.
    Whats going on ?

  • McG says:

    I have a copy of the match day program from our famous comeback against goonscum, wonder if that’ll be worth anything in the future…

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