Two Beautiful Pieces Of Rare Tottenham Footage

Image for Two Beautiful Pieces Of Rare Tottenham Footage

Evenin’ all.

As the server’s Sellotape holds on for it’s very life I thought I’d bring you a few friendly yards of something almost worth looking at.

I apologise for the absence of embedding, the reasons are two fold. My tech guy is currently ‘coming to’ only to discover he is naked and chained to a supporting strut beneath a much loved Pier on the English seaside. The second is that I appear unable to rustle up some html for this bad boy but it’s so lovely I had to share anyway.It’s HERE.

The second piece of footage is here and may make a nice thing to doctor appropriately and mail to a friend/co-worker/carer. And it is HERE.

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  • onedavemackay says:

    How can you put up a video like that and still champion a move to the east ?

    It will never be the same if we leave the area.

  • Never mind all that. Citeh losing at home to Everton priceless Does anyone know when we play them at theirs? Nouveau riche gits anyone who gives it to them proper is ok Lillywhitetilidie.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      The best bit was that Tevez looked like the only guy who had a clue. Almost felt sorry for their lot who staunchly sang Blue Moon after the first goal went in. To a team that couldn’t hear them because they hadn’t taken their Beats headphones off.

  • midwest spur says:

    Great memories, of the best ground in the world,think I am in some of the video from Spurs Chelsea game,(the crowd smartasses) I remember the game at their ground that season too, if you were there you’ll know. No ground has been the same since all seaters, though when I get back to games couple times a season I still love the atmosphere at WHL, the grounds changed for sure but Tottenham fans aint, love y’all. We must NEVER move, if Levy does he’ll forever be remembered as the man who took Tottenham out of Tottenham, not for securing any kind of financial future. If you are lucky enough to go to regular games please let it be known we dont want it to ever happen. Lillywhite through and thru forever.

    • Dublin Spur says:

      If you mean the chelsea away game in Nov 70 I was there too. It was simply amazing. 61,000 and two injury time goals to win after being out played in pouring rain and we went top of table. Oh happy days. Sadly the gooners ended up winning league at WHL but at least we finished 3rd and won league cup.
      The film clip of the stadium looks like 1909 not 79, it so grainy! remember it all so well. So many memories. I’d almost forgotten the old west stand. The pitch was a joke compared to these days though. At end of 70-71 season it was almost all sand bar the corners.

  • marts2smooth says:

    Access Denied

    This site can only be accessed from within the United Kingdom.

    Good old work pc’s!

    Will have a butchers later!

  • bdog4037 says:

    if you down load expat shield you may be able to play it as it hides your address . it does work for match of the day on bbc .i havnt had any probs with it apart from it is a little slower . i havnt tried it yet for this particular one but will tommorow . ill let you all know

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