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Well it could be worse. you could have woken up to discover you were Roy Hodgson.

Last night’s footy was quite mad across the board. Chelsea lost another wheel last night losing to Wolves. The French found Joe Hart in too finer form in a game that mirrored our own season opening tussle in many respects. The double sending off was spot on, but to be frank I would have shown Song a straight red just for looking like an Ipswich pimp.

Everton just looked more like a team that played football on the floor and it makes me cringe when we hit the ball over Modder’s head and turn possession into a 50/50 ball. Crouch out.

I acknowledge that the knockdown balls to VdV work, but at what ratio? One in 27 resulting in a goal? I don’t like it and I’d like us to stop doing it. It’s quite unseemly all this hoofing and hoping. What is this an open audition for an Old Time Dancing show or one of the world’s most stylish sides trying to play football?

Here’s a clip of a side winning.

Goaa | Myspace Video

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  • Majesquire says:

    It’s less even about a ‘proper goal scorer’. I mean obvious we’d love one of them but just look at the last few games with Pav up front – the guy’s played averagely at best but at least it makes us play in the right way, and the amount of chances for Bale and Lennon in particular just goes to show how beneficial it is not to hoof and hope all of the time, even though we actually do that pretty well at times. Plan B please

  • Charles says:

    Nice article,i agree Spurs are a football team not a “hoof and hope”.Harry made quite a few team selection mistakes,in my opinion.How he rates Hutton better than Carluka i will never know. Lennon is a much better player when Carluka is playing right back.Just take a look at the through balls he gave Lennon in the game against Fulham at the weekend.I ask myself,what is the difference between Fergie and Harry….Fergie seems to have a much better idea about rotating his squad and keeping players fresh.Last three games Spurs looked tired.

  • toddspur says:

    The only good thing to come out of last nights game is hopefully the penny has dropped for Arry that we need a new striker

    It has to be Suarez or Benzema IMO

    Personally I’d keep Crouch but rarely start him. An impact player he is/ a first choice he aint

    I wonder if VDV really likes playing with him…..he gets him goals but I think VDV likes the ball fizzing around on the deck.

    • Anthony In That Number says:

      Crouch should only ever be a Plan B impact sub. He is not the option we need when playing either a lone striker or 442. He does not hold up the ball well enough nor score anywhere near enough. Having said that Pav is no better either. We know that and I am sure Harry and DL know it as well but it is about getting the deals done at the right price to improve us. Suarez, Benzema, Rossi, Carroll would all be big improvements. Have to say that I thought Sarge was the obvious choice to partner Modders in central midfield last night, unless he was carrying a knock as Everton are always crisp in the tackle. JJ as usual failed to track his runners. It surely must be time to try Sandro, we cannot have brought him from Brazil to simply play behind closed doors friendlies and sit on the bench. Having said all that results went our way but the striker situation really does need addressing urgently. Hope the Beckham thing does not become a distraction, especially as our next set of Prem fixtures are challenging. We simply must use the FA Cup to rest players and the ManU game at home on 16th is an absolute MUST win if we are to keep the pressure on for TOP 4. Mind you Chelsea seem to have imploded so still plenty of opportunity for us if we can use defeat at Everton to clear our heads.

  • rooster says:

    when we play 4-4-2 we create so many chances, when VDV was injured we were still winning.

  • Scottishmancyid says:

    Why do I keep reading statements that people want us to sign Suarez? He scored a lot of goals last season in a very poor league but will not do well in the vastly superior Premiership (Kezman, Alves, Kuyt, even Huntelaar in Spain and Italy). Plus people seem to rave about his World Cup performances, he only scored 3 goals (Gyan did too and he’s terrible) and didnt play very well from what I saw. It really does my head in when people rave about players when they haven’t really seen them play and are basing all of their opinions on the “name”. We can do much better than Luis Suarez.

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