Spurs Haven’t Even Bid For Fabiano

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Time to start asking questions in the House.

First Diego Forlan announces that he’s stopping where he is and now Luis Fabiano can have a lined scored through his name rather than beneath it.

From Tutermercatoweb – In an interview in Spain, the agent Luis Fabiano (30), Sevilla’s Brazilian striker, also sought by Juventus, denied the news of an offer of Tottenham against his client “Sevilla has not informed me of anything. If was submitted a bid of 15 million euro, for sure I would call, instead I do not know anything about this.”

So what are Harry & Bondy actually doing when they’re not getting rolled over for penny chews by fiendish foreigners?

We have threats of Benzema of course, but the lunatic Adebayor told the Spanish press yesterday he was looking forward to teaming up with the Frenchman.

Allegations have been made that Sunderland could be interested in Pav but my suspicion is that this will pass like the supposed Birmingham offer and the Russian will gracefully decline.

But there’s no need to panic as the ITK’s have it all mapped out and tell us we will be busy up until the very last minutes of the window. Home in time for tea and medals I should imagine.


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  • melcyid says:

    Levy is waiting for the last minute bargain bin.

  • melcyid says:

    I think harry must have had a roofie slipped in his drink in spain”Im not unhappy with our strikers ,whos better than pav.crouchie and keane”I think hes forgotten how many league goals the top top trio have scored between them.pfffffffft

  • david says:

    Hudd now out till March and misses both Milan matches.
    Does that mean we make our tenth attempt to sign Parker ?

  • 89spur says:

    £23 million for carroll, have we really lost the plot? or is it just paper talk.

  • rich g says:

    this is all irrelavant, has david beckham signed yet?, because he was a top player 14 years ago, he will improve the squad, (which hasnt won for 3 games)…, at least if bob fucks off itll be something, why wont some cunt buy crouch off us, wow, im bored

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