21 Seconds That Suggest Kyle Walker’s Worth A Go

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Tough gig being on the verge of first team football. Spurs fans in general are optimistic and welcoming to those wanting to break through. But only a handful of folk get to see them play and footage is often rarer than rocking horse do do.

And speaking of wooden things with limited mobility, it would be great to have someone with a bit of ‘zip’ at the back if they are supposed to playing in an attacking role too.

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  • rickyvillasluckyundercrackers says:

    I’ve only gone and got a ticket for Real Madrid. You fucking beauty.

  • greavesie says:

    didn’t know the welsh were a race – thought they were just a nation – an artificial political and economic construct imposed by militia based governments to nullify any possible united opposition to their theft and control of the economic resources that they then regard as their property – and indoctrinate the gullible to fawn over them (going to watch the german’s wedding are we?)

    • MysteriousStranger says:

      Actually they are an ethnic group. Perhaps, rather than saying your “joke” was racist, I should have said it was “ethnically prejudiced”.

      Bigots can fuck off. Evidently you are a bigot.

      • MysteriousStranger says:

        Albeit one who struggles to use the “Reply” function. :winke:

        • greavesie says:

          welsh are an ethnic group are they? does that embrace those welsh of international background or just one group that live in wales? it’s not me who’s the bigot if you try to apply an ethnic label to a widely varied population of many different roots

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