Kabould Bid – Rejected

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Hello listener.

Can I shock you? I’m looking forward to another FA Cup tie tonight. ‘They’ say that these domestic pots are dead, but they still hold a bit of magic in the Hotspur household. Even if you minus the Arsenal factor from proceedings, the FA Cup throws together big fish and minnows and that can only be good for football.

Anway, word in via Italian media of all places is that a football club called Paris Saint Germaine Greer made an approach for Kaboul In A China Shop.

The enquiry was greeted with a brief but polite, ‘Not today, thank you.’

Younes started brightly, went a bit rubbish and then upon his return looked every bit like a world beater in the making. Good to see interest in the squad beyond the usual Bale or Modders piffle and better still to see we do not need to flog prospects off.

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