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Watching that little lot and trying to remain optimistic rapidly became akin to poking one’s way through squirrel poo and getting happy when finding an undigested nut.

My personal thanks to Clive Allen for showing Jermain Defoe that Greavsie video. Maybe it was a coincidence, maybe he learned from watching it or maybe someone whispered in his ear ‘They’re taking the mick, bruv. If I were you, I’d make sure you put one in this time or you could find yourself loaned out to West Ham.’

Watching it on the telly I actually asked ‘er indoors if this was the actual game or a re-run of a 1970’s match. The pitch looked like something you’d hesitate to run a half decent nag out on. It was only the haircuts that gave it away.

Here’s my ratings.

Gomes -4 – Easy to chuck him a ‘4’ and mock the flapping, but there isn’t one goalie in the history of goalie-ing that has had a good run with a conveyor belt of makeshift players in front of him.

Begbie0 – I’ve an allergy to stupid people.

Gallas- 5 – Bogged down in the mud.

Dawson- 5.1 – Last seen as a charm on Doyle’s man bracelet.

A&E4.8 – Another sluggish contributor.

Peanut – 5.3 – I’m terrified by him. Too slow. Too not good enough.

Sandro – 7.89 – Proof that mud needn’t stop play if you have class.

Modders 6 – He didn’t click into gear, at all, much. Really.

Jenas5 – Stop falling over you schmuck. Stop it. Just stop. Now.

Pav6 –  Fab goal, afforded few opportunities to do more.

Defoe8 – Rock & Roll baby.

Lennon – 6.1 – Looked okay. Very okay on occasion. We need more!

Bale 6.3 – Oh how we miss you .

Krankie5.9 – Decent bloke, I fear we’ll lose him in August.

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  • Snap says:

    If the Chavs lose by 19 goals tonight we’ll move up to 4th, waa-heyyy!

  • Peter says:

    Cant think about the last to games.. Five points lost. Those point would meen the world of difference for us come city, pool and chelski away! Guess well end up with about 68-70 points. Had we won those two games we’d end up with 73-75 points. Enough to secure that fekin cl spot

  • jerkinmahjurgen says:

    We’ve not played too much lately and only 3 games this month… good considering the injuries and hopefully we’ll get some lads back for next month – it’ll save us if we get our center-backs in for a few games. But we’ve lost a bit of momentum because of this, playing different 11’s every week and a half, can’t be easy.

  • Fatfish says:

    This blog is becoming unbearable.

    When I clicky on a picture of my 3rd wife with her enhanced breasts, I expect to see more pictures of birds with large breasts.

    Sort it out H.

  • Parklane Dan says:

    We were crap in defence, Dawson got bossed by Doyle (he always seems to struggle against lesser players), Begbie was absolutely tormented by Jarvis and I thought Assou Ekotto was our best defender. Of our midfielders Sandro was by far and away the pick, composed and controlled, strong in the tackle and always looking for a positive pass. Lennon and Bale looked sharp as always when introduced and Krancjar would’ve shown more given more time, Defoe was certainly the best we’ve seen him since his return from injury and Pav worked as hard as i’ve seen him for…well, forever. Gomes….lucky, but I think the camera angle from behind Halsey shows why he gave it, it shows Steardman leading with his arm. It proves inconclusive from other angles but that is what I think Halsey gave the free kick for.

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