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The current Tottingham frontline couldn’t score in a Chinese brothel with a pocket full of rice. Would you do a deal with the devil?

I think I’m on record as saying that this son of ****** Baldgarian actually came from a place that was so low that even the rats was hunchbacked.

I remember watching The Paul Daniels Magic Show and he had Robert Maxwell on as a publicity seeking stooge. The Bouncing Czech repeatedly plugged his organ – Daniels hushed him, saying to camera – ‘people play tricks with mirrors.

The Daily Mirror are suggesting that he could return to The Lane at knockdown price of £10M-£12M. Wow.

Now suspend ye olde ‘paper talk!’ and answer me this. Would you have him back?

Before you reply, don’t get tooooo precious. Gallas is giving many of us the guiltiest of hot flushes. And he used to …. well, you know.

There’s a poll so you can express your view without the bother having to make up a user name.


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