‘He Won’t Be Sold At Any Price Because He’s Not For Sale’

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Just had an email in from a really decent source who I pass on information from rarely as the bulk of their bits and pieces are fascinating but if run, would be be as good as naming that person.

The word from inside The Lane is that this agent of Modders is about as welcome as the severest bout of gout and may yet even prove himself to be less popular than the odious piece of muck that represented The Baldgarian.

Bids submitted for Modders will be summarily dismissed. There is no intention of the Club at this stage of entering into negotiations with anyone. He won’t be sold at any price because he’s not for sale. The view is that Modders is under a contract, no request has been handed in and that’s that.

Some were after something positive and this is almost that. It won’t stop the interest from other clubs, but that’s show business. This is the real world and as our mothers told us, you can’t have sweeties every day.

My view is that the bid from Cheatski is good news. It lacks ambition. If they had waded in at £40M things would be different, make no mistake.

So does any of the above guarantee he won’t be sold? Of course not. We aren’t children tugging at our mother’s sleeve for sweeties anymore.

We know when we just have to just wait.

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  • frontwheel 2 says:

    If he goes we’ll boo him, if he stays he will be up for a sainthood, what a bunch of arseholes we are

    • Morgan says:

      I kind of agree but I kind of dont. i dont want people reading this then slagging me off. (but then I also dont care for the small minded that do) If he goes at the first turn of his head(and ive been told by a good source he has asked to go to a CL team and they will let him go foe 30m plus. The same the told me about Adam today.) I will feel greatly let down. No club in the prem would give him a shot.He was to small, not strong enough. We gave him the change. He struggled to start, team said “we told you so!”. We stode by him. The fans have loved him and made him feel at home. He have 18months of great football and then fucks off when Chavski, Utd or Shity come calling. Why not have some honour, some pride. I have grown up wishing to be a great player. Wishing to be as good as my mates. Wishing the better cluns wanted me. But I tell you what, if they came calling, I would never leave me club. Its about playing for the team you love, the players around you and taking that team onto win things. NOT about the money, not about signing for the club you are going to get GIVEN a cup winners medal with. Fight for the prize, it will mean so much more! And for this fact I hate the modern player. And I will look down on Luka if he goes(not boo or hate, but look down!). But if he stays, he will have shown his true self and I will praise him!

      • frontwheel 2 says:

        As fans we all feel like that,we can’t change even if we wanted to,but my respect for footballers went with bastard Campbell

  • Disco Darren says:

    Why do people think Levy will sell as soon as someone shakes their wad of cash at him?
    Look how hard he tried to hang on to Berbatov and getting the most out of manure. Levy even went to Croatia to get Luka Modric to sign a six year deal. He wont sell without a fight.

  • edspur says:

    I couldn’t help but notice Modric’s agent has a very appropriate name…Vukan

    ….Vukan big mouth if you ask me.

  • Ryans Peter says:

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