11 O’Clocker Spurs ‘Sign Decent Human Being’ Shocker

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Good evening.

Maison Hotspur hasn’t a spare vase, jam jar or fluted pint glass so thank you to those who threw flowers after this morning’s matinee.

What does make a real difference to proceedings is when you encounter a footballer who doesn’t get your goat. Maybe A&E is out there spending ¬£4M on a house and having a full blown hairdressing salon installed – at least he has the gumption to keep it under wraps – as he knows the only men who could have ever let that information fall into the public domain and lived it down were Liberace and David Coverdale (c.1987).

No, old A&E deserves our praise. In a frank interview a while back he revealed that football is just a job to him. He owns a car, but also an Oyster Card. And now we get quotes far too many players seem unable to spit out.

“Like I said, I don’t want to move to another club. If I have a good feeling with my chairman I will stay. I don’t have a reason to move, even to play in the Champions League, we can do it with Spurs. We have done it once already, so why not again?”

Now I’m not getting misty eyed because he’s staying, although that’s just dandy by me. I’m genuinely impressed because here is a very honest and decent human being who actually acknowledges that he is part of the situation. We have done it once already. so why not again?

This is what we are after. Something a bit more considered than, “I like go play¬† Chelsea big club.” Or whatever the snake oil quotes from Modders were.

Here, boys and girls is a man prepared to share the previous success and the burden of the task ahead. He acknowledges he was part of the achievement and be default part of the failure to replicate it. But he wants to go on. Not bail.

A&E we salute you.

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  • forhodssake says:

    Benny does sayIf ‘If I have a good feeling with my chairman I will stay’.

    Surely the key word is ‘If’, ie ‘If the chairman gives me a contract extension with a nice wage increase to create a nice warm feeling I will stay and not agitate for a move to PSG’.

    Or is it only me who thinks the word if is significant?

    • MysteriousStranger says:

      I did French at school, and I know for a fact BAE’s spoken English is better than my French (in part due to my never speaking it in the 20 odd years since)!

      Regardless I would be inclined to place greater emphasis on everything else he says around it, and reckon it’s merely to do with his not speaking in his mother tongue than anything sinister.

  • ihadabluehead says:

    Benny has always been honest about the fact that the single thing that motivates is money. I’d be reluctant to read such comments as some new found loyalty to the Lilywhite shirt. I have time for the fella, I do, even if he does inspire not-infrequent-enough bouts of conniptions with his capacity to switch off, but IMO this is nothing more than a play for some more ‘motivation’ of the filthy lucre variety.
    And i don’t mind that. Certainly got more time for it than open flirtation with the girl-next-door/over the bridge.
    I’ve never really fully bought into the whole idea of players wanting to leave to join bigger clubs to win medals. It’s bollocks and always a polite front for chasing more money. Would you really get greater career satisfaction being a bit part player in a big squad with indifferent fans, or a big name first on the team sheet with 10s of 1000s that love you? Especially when said big squad gets to the final and you don’t even make the bench… hey Berba?
    Anyway, please buy someone soon. It ‘s getting very frustrating getting up in the morning having known that business has been conducted whilst I’ve been asleep (i’m 8hours ahead of the UK) only to find zilch new to report.

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