All 2 Goals, Player Ratings & Expert Analysis …pffffft

Hello Honky Tonks.

We done ’em. Eventually. Which is possibly harsh, but true. 

The first half was pretty mediocre. I only watched from about 20 odd minutes in but it was all a bit pace-less. Picture two Championship at Wembley for the first time, trying to get to grips with the size of the pitch and the occasion.

Eventually, Adebayor kept his head and slotted his debut goal away. Not long after Defoe scored, leaving Wolves looking pretty fangless. 

On Wolves, a mention of Jamie O’Hara. Something happened at some stage between him and Bale. Maybe Bale isn’t even aware of this thing whatever it is, but in young Jamie’s mind it certainly exists. 

Brad  6 Some naff kicks out. Must do better

A&E 7 Bit of a love, really

Walker 6.43 Generally good. Needs a bigger brain

Kaboul  5.98 Frequently in a china shop

King  5  Sluggish

Krankie  5.9 Modest contributions

Modric 7.73 Some sublime balls (that’s what she said) but several wasted

Parker 7.72 Good stuff, looked like a Pathe News clip when running

Bale 7.61 To be frank, he needs to start raising his game soon…

Adebayor 8 He brought hope

Defoe 7 Great little goal from the midget (occasional) gem

szólj hozzá: Wol 0-2 Tot





  1. Glad that streams get posted on here, we seem to get shut down all the time .can always get manc arse bindippers chelscum all over the net . Conspiracy.
    Saw second half +10 mins of first.
    Adebayor the difference over the last 2 wasted yrs re strikers. holds up the ball does nice runs for the ball and is strong on the ball and doesnt concede free kicks or let our attacks break down ,we flow much better all ready.Also he already beat the keeper before he scored ,a real strikers goal like wot used to get scored at spurs a long time ago.
    Parker, why was it every time he got the ball did my stream go black and white,do you think its his hair.He did tighten us up and his distribution was good great link with defoe for the 2nd,still a dirty sod though.Some good moves in the 2nd half overall good team performance. coys

  2. “well done ’em Eventually. which is possibly harsh but true”. For fuck sake beating a team 2-0 away from home, and let’s not forget full of confidence after their start to the season and throw in the stuffings we’ve been subject to in recent weeks, is proper harsh ya work though its all opinions at the end of the day

  3. Strange little celebration but meh “Adebayor, Adebayor, at long f***ing last, we’ve signed a forward that scores”

    1. Dont get excited lets see what he does against the Speeeeeeeeeeeedddddddyyyyyyyyy Liverpool we need Little Lennon back for that and Hudds our new center Half alongside King Fukinel we have to many players. Well done to our reserves Stoke Spurs for holding Liverscum in a second half onslaught this makes our game all the more sweeter.

      1. davspurs, read a lot of your posts recently is this what the despatches programme is about next week? and if so bentley must be shitting himself.

    2. Dont get too exited he could be benched when Van drives back to the lodges.We had strikers but Harry kept dropping them and making changes to fit Van in the team instead of fitting Van into our system . We also missed a fit Huddlestone who can keep the ball moving long or short even though we won for long periods we stagnated and passed the ball too slow I liked Parker but Kranjcar out wide wont work against a more energetic Liverpool team. This is where we need Lennon back and Huddlestone passing alongside Parker Modric need too watch us climb the table and get his head out of Abvs Yacht

  4. As someone who criticised HR for a lack of Plan B, I am wondering what we will do when VDV returns.

    Saw a story this morning that the King might not be offered a contract extension unless he plays 20 games this year. Recall seeing a story last season that if Woody was offered a contract extension, it would be on a pay as you play basis. Woody declined and has already played more minutes for Stoke than he did for us in the last two years. I have this awful feeling that King will come good after he has left us.

    Still: Good to see him back.

  5. Can’t agree with your rating of Bale, H. I thought he was our worst player today (although Kabould did push him close). For long periods he just didn’t look interested … and before anyone says that’s ’cause he has being deployed on the wrong wing, he didn’t do too badly in that position for Wales in their last two games.

    And has Friedel’s distibution always been this bad? He’s not exactly served himself with distinction in any of his games so far.

    Still, we’re up and running now — added to which Liverpool lost and Arsenal look far from convincing. If he stays fit, I think Adebayor could fire us back into fourth this year.

    1. We don’t play Wales system so it is irrelevant how he plays for them. For us we do no want Bale continually cutting in from the right and giving easy crosses curling in for the defenders and keeper.

      Only after he switched back to where he should be did we then look a far better side, drawing their players over to his side creating space on the other.

      An olive branch for Gio from Harry for all you Gio lovers.

    2. I cant believe you are questioning a lad who run up and down Wembley on Wednesday in the same Match Rooney was slow and lethargic. Yesterday he was Vrooooooomy slimfast and he scored a hatrick against a lad we could not sign Cahill undevalude. So work it out City scored three Utd get five its not rocket science its Toure Slimfast We will face this next Sunday the fittest player at liverpool is Suares and the second fittest is Carrol for yards run during a game. These players never take there club form into England’s games Gerrard Ferdinand Terry Lampard City the reason they save it for the premiership because over doing it will make you like fletcher losing too much weight and ill. Just look at Young already he looks gaunt Downing was running at full pelt against Stoke Stoke held out with Slimfasr defending we need too get some for next week and we will win.

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