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Good morning fight fans. 

There was a point in the game, just before half time when I let my mind wander and ask why this Liverpool side were having rings run around them. My mind came up with a few simple suggestions. 

First up, we were first to virtually every ball. And when we weren’t we didn’t sit back off them – we tackled and it has to be said won the bulk of those challenges. Of equal importance was our ability to retain possession. I’m no stat man but I only noted one or two occasions where duff passes crept in.  Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce Pathe News Boy.

The absence of Azza and Pete also played an enormous part in matters. Lennon’s form every season is up and down like bloggers blood pressure and for every run that ends in him skipping his way into a brick wall or crossing to no one  there is always a counter attack from the other lot.

3MP’s absence has been as refreshing as a lottery win. The days of hoofing it to  Tall Circus Man who was pretty bloody awful at heading the ball are over. The days of opposition players walking up behind him, holding their face and pretending they were elbowed by the boy who was born with his limbs stuck on backwards are equally over.

The Europa tactic appears vindicated. Certainly we looked spritely enough and Stoke’s walloping at Sunderland certainly says, ‘Something went horribly wrong’ rather than, ‘unlucky.’ That said, just as the game vs Liverpool was a thing of beauty; the match against the Greeks was not.

Dalglish needs to watch himself. He’s rapidly wandering into Aunty Wenger territory with his conspiracy theory that the MIBs have got it in for him. The reality is that he needs to keep backward thugs like Charlie Adam in check and practice winning and then retaining possession.

In the slow mo replay of Adam’s vicious assault on Scott Parker you can see his eye-line rise up from ball to man just prior to his studs plunging into our man.


Spotted in a local shop trying on wigs and false nails for a laugh in the 2nd half. At full time he was seen hiding a Chick King box in his glove bag.


Looked Accomplished & Elegant with every touch. He must revel in days like these. Calm under pressure, cunning going forward.


Increasingly looking the part, lots to learn then who hasn’t? He appears thankfully mature for his years.


Didn’t put a foot wrong and the brown paper & string held up in the heat. Nobody enjoys the whole, ‘will he, won’t he play?’ routine, but that’s showbiz.


Always benefits hugely from having Ledders with him. His performances with Dawson are not so neat and contained.


A discreetly brilliant performance. I’m not convince Arry either understands or appreciates him but I’d like to watch him blossom at The Lane.


No like Second Hand Fridges. All the ‘why can’t he bloomin’ well do that for us’ merchants after his recent Croatian goal can come out from down the back of the sofa ooh in another day or two.


Pathe News Boy is what we have been missing for about 20 years. Delightfully no nonsense, British bulldog stuff from start to finish.


Some extraordinary touches and some less extraordinary ones. Still an absolute motoring monster. Needs a goal. 


Another day another masterclass in being a supremely talented and intelligent Premiership striker. Can we buy this one, please? Can we? Can we?


Clearly benefiting from the ‘Ade Effect’ that said my aunt Dolly would up her strike rate palying in the same team as him


All the good stuff with none of the wasted chances stuff. A bit out of position but this was a substitution. Great sub to have, eh?

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  • Paul F says:

    Never mind all the ‘Modric doesnt do that for Spurs’ brigade taking their medicine. How about all (a very good proportion of posters on here) those who completely and utterly wrote off Defoe as a PL striker following a bad second half to last season? Cos from where I was sitting (East Upper since you ask) he looked way, way too good for L’pool. Perhaps you’d like to lead the Mia Culpas, HH?

    I am an annoying told you so under any circumstances, so am intolerable at the moment. In our PL predictor at work I had L’pool down to finish 9th. Oh how I was mocked 3 weeks ago. Now they think I am nostredamus. Likewise I told anyone who would listen that Adam is a terrible signing, lacking the pace and stamina to play regularly in the PL. As a backer of Harry generally, I was really shocked that he rated this player. Thank god he isnt clogging up our reserve team bench for 4 years.

    • onedavemackay says:

      Happy to lift my head above the parapet as one who thought that Defoe wasn’t good enough and my opinion has not changed.

      He misses far too many chances for a start and seems to be a bit of a flat track bully (the Wigan 5 goals being a classic example). He’s not a bad second choice but cannot lead the line and with Arry suggesting that he wants to play Sandro and Parker as a central defensive pairing it seems we are most likely to play 4-5-1. For me he never seems to do it at the highest level and that’s where we want to be.

      However, I totally agree about the thug commonly known as Charlie Adam. There is a difference between being hard and being nasty. His tackle on Bale last term was malicious and the one on Parker could have finished his career. Adam is a nasty piece of work and should be permanently removed from English football.

      • Essexian76 says:

        Early day’s yet, but Defoe has at last got a MOBILE partner alongside him,and someone who is equally quick in movement and thought. Have you noticed that so far, Defoe hasn’t been caught off-side nearly so much?, that’s because he’s playing with a midfielder like Modric and a partner like Adebayor who are looking for his runs and not holding the ball or hoofing it high and upfield.

    • TMWNN says:

      Not good enough.

  • NYSpurs says:

    Garth Crooks has got 3 of our players in his team of the week (King, Walker and Modric). Can’t remember him ever having more than 2 at the most previously.

  • lamf1958 says:

    Adam is a bitter and twisted bully. I reckon he was gutted not to come to us 2 transfer windows ago and has been taking it out on our players at every opportunity since. The fuckwit got what he deserved. He should have been sent off when we last played blackpool and seems to specialise in potential career ending tackles. I am looking forward to someone (anyone for that matter) kicking him up in the air this season to see how “hard” he is.

  • toddspur says:

    So, I know Its not polite to ask in such an open forum but

    Any decent streams for tonights game chaps?

  • Katelyn Ruckel says:

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