Arry Redschnapps vs Big Martin Jol: FIGHT!

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Good morning.

There is rather interesting website that goes by the name of and Paul, the chap what owns and writes it is a Tottingham fan of some considerable standing. If you want to go missing for a while and enjoy yourself while your gone, give him a click.

I’m easily distracted and hadn’t looked at the site for some time but whilst taking a peek at Spurs Community I clocked a thread that had highlighted an interesting ‘milestone’ that had been originally highlighted on Paul’s site.

Big Martin Jol and our Arry have now been in charge for precisely the same quantity of Premier League games.

       ARRY REDSCHNAPPS                          BIG MARTIN JOL

Played:                         114                                                               114

Won:                                56                                                                 47

Drawn:                           29                                                                30

Lost:                                29                                                                 37

Goals For:                  175                                                              169

Against:                       133                                                              148

Goal Difference:    +42                                                              +21

Points Won:              197                                                              171

Average Points
Per Game:                   1.73 (66 per full season)                     1.5 (57 per)

Win %:                         49.12%                                                       41.23%

Now of course anyone can argue that all these numbers may be correct and in proper order but at the end of the day you’re not comparing like with like. The players were different, the fixtures were in a different order against teams fielding different players …yadda yadda ya.

But that doesn’t stop the figureseing of interest…

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  • LosLorenzo says:

    BMJ never saved an abused Turkish donkey though, now did he?

  • MysteriousStranger says:

    Spurs team vs Besiktas in October 2006 (won 1-0)

    Chimbonda Dawson King Assou-Ekotto
    Jenas Murphy Huddlestone Ghaly
    Berbatov Keane

    Spurs team vs Inter Milan on October 2010 (lost 4-3)

    Hutton Gallas Bassong Assou-Ekotto
    Lennon Jenas Huddlestone Modric Bale

    I would say Jol had a better strikeforce (we played Crouch, says enough), Redknapp had a better midfield – some of whom were in the development stage under Jol.

    However it seemed fair to make a team comparison as they both will have had a similar time at the reins, both teams would be trying in the respective cups.

    Both times would ultimately go onto finish 5th in the League.

    Let’s compare google searches instead.

    Martin Jol instant search gives

    martin jol
    martin jol brothers
    martin jolly
    martin jol smoking

    Harry Redknapp instant search gives

    harry redknapp
    harry redknapp tax
    harry redknapp trial
    harry redknapp court

    Martin Jol wins. :daumen:

    • Billy Legit says:

      harry redknapp jail

    • Astromesmo says:

      Maybe we can add ‘Martin Jol Jolly’ onto our honours list?

      I love Martin Jol and Martin Jol loves me but this is (hopefully) tongue in cheek selective piffle, even for you MS. Why choose those two games to compare? Why not the 3-0 defeat by Crystal Palace Vs the demolition of Inter at home?

      Martin Jol was very hard done to by the club and I genuinely thought at the time that if we’d have stuck by him, rather than let berbatoss unsettle the side, he could have turned things around. I don’t think his subsequent mixed performances at other clubs prove anything one way or another as we’ll never know how he would have shaped the club if he were given greater control. He might have grown with the club the way he was unable to at already established sides like Ajax.

      The bottom line is that there is no winner between the two – Just the fact that a club are destined to continue failing unless they learn from their mistakes. To try and stick with a manager for once and actually see what happens rather than sacking them because you can google search something under their name.

      • melcyid says:

        when Jol was fired it was a very bad and unreal situation and was done totally wrong and without class or morals .there was a lot wrong behind the scenes at the time that we only had glimpses of. If Levy wasnt the boss he would have been fired for not handling things not very well at least a couple of times but he has grown and has learned along the way. Unfortunately they sacked Kabouls cuddley dad,now we will never know if he would have come good.If lasagna gate was handled differently we could have been in the Champs league and the arse would have been out .If Levy had been on top of his game at the time instead of being bullied by Dein and the F.A he should have sent the squad to hospital for check ups and doctors certificates and got the game postponed there was much too much hanging on that game. I would have sent a bag of players poo to each of the Fa reps and told them to have it sent for analysis.Jolly JOL might still be here and we might still be moaning. :gaehn: :daumen:

      • MysteriousStranger says:

        Astro, you’re partly right. It’s a little tongue in cheek. Though many a true word is spoken in jest.

        I chose those two games as they were in October, both European fixtures – though obviously one was in the Europey, the other the proper competition – and both managers had gotten around two seasons under their belts.

        Undoubtedly when comparing the two games in each we were playing to win, not playing the kids, and therefore it demonstrated how we were basically playing what any manager would call a “1st choice XI” in each instance in Europe, and not some 2nd strings for the experience.

        I do happen to believe aside from our strikers, we had the stronger squad in 2010 – partly due to the development of players signed under Jol’s tenure (whether by Comolli/Jol/both), and to demonstrate how league wise in these seasons Jol achieved about as much in terms of final placings. To concentrate merely on the final scores (which were bracketed as an aside) ignores the obvious differences in the class of opposition. Not so “selective” as you may infer, with your bold suggestion of picking a Crystal Palace(!) match instead. Needless to say Redknapp got us CL (once, “only just”), where as Jol did not (once, by “only just”).

        I have not set out to compare Redknapp’s horrid 2 wins from 13 games streak at the backend of last season to Jol’s bad runs of results, we’d surely discover Harry’s fine runs (results wise -with a better squad) make up for his worst, and Jol’s worst run would likely be less worse than Redknapp’s, with his best run failing to match Harry’s. The tables above indicate it will be the case without the need to run off reams of comparatives. My aim was to look at the teams we had then and now, and let it pose the question:

        If Jol had the squad at Harry’s disposal, would we be any worse off under him instead? As TMWNN said, “Both are tactically clueless when the going gets tough, but one of them’s a (unt”. Perhaps a tad strong, but what it says is, managerially speaking there’s probably little difference, and what Redknapp has/n’t done with what was/is an improved squad since Jol’s era, lends weight to this argument IMO.

        So, since it therefore boils down to personalities for me, Jol wins, simple. I’d rather have a dignified passionate Jol (who loved this club) over a classless Harry Redknapp (who doesn’t come across as though he does). My opinion. And the thread itself dictates the Harry Hill-esque “Fight!” theme.

        I certainly wasn’t suggesting the club sack Redknapp on the basis of a google search. Was just using it, tongue in cheek to pick the winner. You already knew who I’d pick anyway. :angel:

        • essexian76 says:

          Did he profess his ‘love’ for the club when speaking to Newcastle long before getting the sack?

        • UnkleKev says:

          You could look at it another way and ask yourself “Would Fulham currently be languishing one place above the relegation zone if Harry was in charge?”

          All a matter of opinion of course, but mine is that they’d be comfortably nestled in mid-table if he were.

  • TMWNN says:

    Both are tactically clueless when the going gets tough, but one of them’s a cunt.

  • bukkake-breath says:

    he’s got no hair but we dont care martin, martin jol! wot a great man and a great relationship he had with our fans.. BMJ legend.

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