Spurs Sign Their ‘Roy Keane’ At Long Last

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Good morning.

Those bookmakers still trading this morning must be spitting feathers. It seems every Spurs fan this side of the Great Wall of China had lumped on the 3-1 win. But the real reason to be cheerful for all was Scott Parker.

We hear all the time about ‘winning mentality’. It’s a depressing truth that this mindset at Tottenham is something that seems too often be something that happens almost by chance. One of the main reasons that we have been driven out of our minds watching Spurs is having to watch too many of our lot seemingly, ‘not quite be in the mood for it.’ How many times have Spurs finished second best to a gang of assorted part time pipe fitters because the hackers and grunters simply wanted it more?

Exit the lethargy; enter PNB.

He quite simply has what it takes. QPR won’t be the toughest opposition he ever faces, but that is largely beside the point. If you walk out to every game ‘tailoring’ your performance to who is in front of you, you’re courting disaster. Manchester United haven’t achieved all they have achieved by playing like this against so and so or playing like that against whoever. It doesn’t work like that. The object of the exercise is to go out there and do ’em. Not to implement a strategy. This is football not the tweaking of a corporation’s stationary ordering policy.

And that’s Parker’s strength. He’s a good old fashioned, ‘which way are we playing and wallop’ merchant. Something we’ve been missing since oh I don’t know, MacKay?

I won’t dwell on his age or what might have been had he not been a twit and joined us sooner. You can either fall in love in the autumn of your years and enjoy what you have, or take the good out of your happiness by moping your days away. 

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  • Will says:

    We DON’T want a Roy Keane: he was a dirty, malicious scumbag whatever his footballing ability and to call Parker that is an insult.

    Parker is more like Mackay than he is Keane as he is clean, even tempered and does his job extremely well. THAT photo of Mackay & the little Leeds sh*t makes Mackay look like a Keane but that was only after the little sh*t deliberately made TWO attempts to break his (twice broken already) leg in that same match…yes I was there.

    As for Sandro: he is in the same class as mackay and Parker but not the sewer like Keane.

    Re the match: parker was badly knocked about and should hev been sub’d by Sandro at about 70-75 and at the end he was totally knackered & could barely walk: add two leg hits(no yellows) and one head hit and you see a real man with guts.

    • essexian76 says:

      Hard graft, tenacity and an awful lot of skill went with that sweat, the difference between Parker and Keane= No bookings- yet again

    • cyril says:

      well as someone who remembers roy kean single handedly dragging utd to the champions league final AFTER he had been booked and knew he would miss the fional, well i want that roy kean every day

      • essexian76 says:

        Slight difference between playing QPR and a CL semi final, however why do comparisons have to be made in the first place?. The games changed, the league we play in has changed and the rules we abide by have as well. I never saw Mackay play, and I’ve witnessed Keane get the ‘treatment’ before a game v Arsenal by Veiria. Equally I’ve witnessed Keane attempt to derail his countries World Cup chances because the ‘conditions’ suit him. Me, I’m just enjoying watching Parker give something to the team what we all hoped Zokora would bring but never delivered and as I said a while back, bridge the gap until Sandro comes of age.

      • Will says:

        Yes the guy who deliberately “took out” two opposing players putting them out for months with knee inhuries and boasting about it & the arrogant c**t who always managed to leave a mark after a “tackle”.
        Keane was a winner but he is also the epitome of all that is bad about football. Parker & Mackay p*ss on him. Much as I like a winner we can do without that type of winner and RObson? he wasn’t far behind Keane as a hurter of men but he wes more fragile and had his come uppance.

        Trying to remember the few THFC dirty players: Hutton, Van der haue..anyone remeber any more?

      • Billy Legit says:

        Don’t forget standing up to Viera in the tunnel before their match against the scum + as a lad growing up in Eire, proclaiming his support for Spurs just to wind up all the United and Liverpool bandwagon jumpers.

        For all his faults (and who hasn’t got any?) i’d rather have him inside the tent pissing out etc…….

        • Will says:

          If it were a war and not football I would agree with you but you apparently do not kinow about his disdain for us after he joined MU. He was supposed to come here from NF (well under way until we pulled out) and was disappointed not to do so and blamed us and really tried hard to make us pay in every match.
          To me he was a bitter bastard exactly like Souness who never forgave us: at 7-0 I heard Souness scream:”7 is not enough, keep trying!!” The strange thing was that we played well that day but Lpool were magic in action: is why i hate them more than the A***.

        • Billy Legit says:


          Don’t see much point getting into a slanging match with a fellow Lilywhite over a bloke who never even played for us.

          Mr Keane is obviously the physical embodiment of a jar of Marmite- you either love him or despise him.

          Best leave it there methinks!

    • 39 39 39 says:

      hear! hear! hear! and triples all round Will perzacly my take on it!

    • Hamish says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Whereas you’d see Rooney or Barton looking for revenge – you could see a total focus in Parker’s eyes – even when the ref was ticking him off. The man had one thing on his mind – winning.

      To the bloke criticising Parker for getting a nose bleed for going over the half-way line – Jenas was adventurous – was always up there losing the ball. Want him back?

      You might as well criticise Parker for not saving penalties while you’re at it.

  • SPURSINCE82 says:

    might only have been qpr, but look what happened to chavski last week against the same opposition..we are only but a few heart beats away from being a wining side and that with the balance of a well groomed cost efficient squad.

    re parker, he has brought a touch of the old: thou shall not pass motto and it is having an effect on the others. Even Lennon put in a tackle right at the endthat even the great : Steffan Fruend would have have relished

    well done to all the boys and harry for getting it right again


  • John White says:

    I really can’t imagine any of you saw Mackay. Comparisons to Parker, Sandro and, worst of all Roberts, are an insult to the greatest player ever to play for Tottenham. Roberts was a whole-hearted player with not a little talent, who degenerated into a cynical thug as he grew older. Sandro is a top quality midfielder who will get even better with more experience. Parker has that experience already. He is wholehearted, committed, talented, and a leader by example, perhaps a Gary Mabbutt. But neither he nor any of the others mentioned combines all these qualities with the extravagant talent that Mackay possessed and displayed on a regular basis throughout his career at Tottenham.
    That said, Parker was absolutely superb yesterday, along with King, Bale, Modric and Van der Vaart.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Aside from the fact that your self appointed role on here is to look for problems…

      Your comment doesn’t make any sense.I never saw Mackay play, but that doesn’t weaken the argument for Parker.

      It’s a bizarrely cheap shot to deride the qualities of a great player in 2011 on the basis that he wasn’t as good as a player in the 1960’s.

      My point was that MacKay’s contribution was historic. Parker could well be on target to make a similar impact 50+ years on.

      • Will says:

        I watched Mackay for his whole stay one match missed in that time. Parker yesterday wirked like Mackay, suffered like mackay and led like Mackay.

        In all of this matches this is the first time that he has deserved that comment. Roberts so fondly remembered here always cost us one bad mistake per game (SEE GOAL) and had no where near the skill and heart of Mackay. Parker appears to haqve this. Sandro reminds me of Mackay at Hearts as I saw him play 3x when they won the Scottish league and when THFC got him I was over the moon. He a way to go and he lacks the fluency of parker and the mature Mackay

  • UnkleKev says:

    Judging by the ease with which their goal went in, I don’t think it was just us fans that were clutching 3-1 betting slips.

    • Will says:

      At a time when they were pushing and at a time when our effort has been most weak this eason?
      (45-60) and especially if we were leading.
      IMO we are too lazy and lack the killer instinct. The whole team stopped chasing 45-60 as if told to not be injured. I think that Parker could have been rersponsible as he had on hell of hesd clash but I am uncertain when I think just after the resttart. But that room would explain their resurgence.

  • Hartley says:

    From what I have seen/heard of Mackay, he was just as commited as Parker but also had a great touch, superb passing ability and wasn’t too bad at going forward in fact he was described as the cleanest striker of the ball at the club during the 1960’s. There is no doubt that Parker has guts, can tackle, gives 110% but going forward is not one of his strengths….
    I thouroughly enjoyed his performance at the Lane yesterday and long may it continue, but to compare him to Dave Mackay is plain daft….

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