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Good afternoon.

First item of business is a whopping congrats to Citizen Astromesmo. Not only is he a delightful chap in his own right, but he is now the quite rightly the wonderfully proud father of a swanky new  ‘junior client number’ and we ought all raise a cyber glass to not only him but those he calls his own  :winke:

My newest most favouritist figure in football, Barry Hearn has formally thrown his Chairman’s titfer into the old OPLC ring. I sincerely hopes he gets the outcome he seeks. 

Not just granted the OS itself which would be sweet for Orient of course, but being treated fairly in accordance with the numerous laws of the land. So far, the installation of another football club that would without doubt threaten the very existence of Leyton Orient has been summarily ignored. The word ‘disgrace’ is bandied about so frequently in football we’ve almost become immune to it. The treatment of Orient has been less than shoddy.

So eager have been the narcissists and the pornographers to advance themselves fair play and justice have been ridden roughshod.  Here’s the boy Barry:

“We are asking for a 25,000-seat stadium and we want to see if we can get around the athletics track. It has to stay, we know that. But can we build up, if not down, and see if it’s possible to get it covered while we play?

“If it isn’t possible, it isn’t – and we wouldn’t move in with a running track between the pitch and the crowd.

“We have submitted an application for permission to move to the Football League, and that permission is something that West Ham don’t yet have.

“It was the Premier League who gave them the green light to move in their original plan, but they are no longer members of the Premier League.

“The rules are that the Football League would not sanction a club moving closer to another club if it affects the business of that other club, and there’s no doubt that West Ham moving there would affect us.

“West Ham can’t just assume that they will be in the Premier League by then. How, therefore, can the Olympic Park Legacy Company, whose job it is to decide who takes over the stadium, allow West Ham to remain in the bidding process? We want them thrown out because they don’t have permission from the relevant authority – the Football League.”

Up The Orient!

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    • spurious supporter says:

      :-D Bloody hilarious lamf.
      “The Boleyn Ground, with experts agreeing that having a fat, sweaty bearded bloke humping away on top of you for ages then having your head cut off is slightly better than watching West Ham play football.”
      Just about sums them up.

      • lamf1958 says:

        i aim to please…seriously, the work was done for me by this article..lets face it the spammers would struggle to fill the running track with paying punters. still it’s somewhere they could leave their barrows in between market days so i can see the attraction.

  • TMWNN says:

    “I’m getting really tired of reading the same horse shit”

    Poor you.

    Guess what? If you don’t read it, you won’t get tired of it. It’s a pretty simple principle. In fact, for the sake of harmony, I think it best if you never reply to another of my comments again. I’ll quite happily reciprocate.

    • devonshirespur says:


      I think if it went to a vote, you would be the one forbidden from posting.

      When ever I read your comments i cannot help think “Christ! if you are this miserable now, God knows what you were like during the dark days?”

      When have Spurs fans ever had it so good in a generation?

      The way our club is run makes the difference between Spurs & Everton….the latter does not have a pot to pee in despite being a club of similar size and traditions.

      I’ve given up encouraging you to cheer up!

      • TMWNN says:

        Look, unlike you, I’m not suggesting anyone should be banned, but I think that it should be possible to post an opinion without being insulted after. I read all the posts (although I’ve given up on Davspur’s now), some I agree with some I don’t. But if every one started insulting contributors that they didn’t agree with, the place would end up like play school.

        • LosLorenzo says:

          He didn’t really suggest it, merely speculated about a hypothetical vote.

          I of course agree with everything else you write in this post, with one important caveat:
          Insulting contributors is bad, unless said contributor is a degenerate Spammer or a mentally disabled Goon

        • Hartley says:

          I can tolerate just about any form of insult on here but it does annoy me considering we all want the same thing, What really does get my goat is when some prick calls you a gooner just because they disagree with your views……unbelievably childish :-p
          I do however agree that all gooners, spammers and cheatski cnuts should be insulted whenever they step over the HH threshold…

        • devonshirespur says:

          I’m not advocating you’re banned, hypothetical, like Lorenzo said!

          Everyone is entitled to their opinion…yours is borne out of wanting better for the club, i understand that BUT you have to have realistic expectations instead of demanding perfection from everyone. No part of this great club is spared from your deep-criticism. Spurs have had years of mediocrity and poor management, we have stepped out of that dark shadow now and other than a dark season or so after Jol (ironically punctuated by the only cup in years) we have been top 5 or better for a number of years while not having the resources of those above…..we are the best of the rest and that needs to be acknowledged.

          We have (without spend £400m) developed a squad capable to make the top 4 and better and if we fail to do so this season then it will be a bit of a failure (especially given Arsenal’s demise) but not a total one as the challenge is mighty.

          What annoys me is that every little failure is criticised, no regard to the big picture, or mitigating circumstances or sometimes even the facts, just strong criticism, whether its Levy, the Stadium, the players, the tactics, harry, transfers.

          Where I see us right now is a being well placed in the league, with a good run of results behind us. Improved on last season in results and squad. Some youth coming to the fore, especially in Europe. Everything to play for. New academy/training ground being built, consent for a new stadium, financially stable, and probably with a bit of a war chest to spend in Jan/summer after so good summer business. There is not too much to be critical of Spurs right now, unless you expect us to be beating everyone, never letting in a goal or making a mistake, making the best profits in the league , sitting top of the league, competing in all the cups and with a new stadium half out the ground and paid for!

        • LosLorenzo says:

          “punctuated by the only cup in years”

          And it wasn’t even the good kind of punctuation, like an exclamation point or period. More like a paltry comma or somesuch.
          :hae: :freu

    • essexian76 says:

      Perhaps if you gave good or better grace instead of looking for any given opportunity to snipe (taking Sunday as a prime example), then maybe I’d be more inclined to understand where exactly you’re coming from. I’ve read some brilliant posts,in particular from Billy Leggit and Hartley who’ve posted their opinions about Redknapp for example of which I couldn’t agree less to, but can understand fully why they hold such an opinion. As for your opinion, have you ever posted anything remotely opinionated? Because from what I’ve seen, is merely piggy backed and chipping away at those who don’t hold your view?

      • MysteriousStranger says:


        “chipping away at those who don’t hold your view?”

        Pot and kettle methinks.

        The majority of I’ve read in the past weeks from you has seen you chipping away at EastAnglianSpur and many others who don’t hold your view.

        There are enough of us here who don’t think Harry Redknapp is quite the messiah, don’t think Defoe is a great, top, top striker. Criticisms which stretch far beyond solely the last game.

        We are all entitled to make observations, and share viewpoints on various aspects of the club, without the need to be blanket covered with pathetic “Harry Haters” remarks or digs because we don’t happen to share the same views as you or anyone else.

        Debate is good. Debate is healthy. It gets boring when those who make statements such as

        “I’ve asked before, and have yet to get a decent response – who would you have to replace Redknapp?”

        have proven themselves to have ignored the various posts offering alternatives the first time round, and ask the same question again as if it represents some kind of proof that no alternatives were proffered to them the first time round.

        Perhaps you should need to take some of your own medicine, and wind your own neck in FFS!

        • spurious supporter says:

          “There are enough of us here who don’t think Harry Redknapp is quite the messiah, don’t think Defoe is a great, top, top striker. Criticisms which stretch far beyond solely the last game.”

          I think you’ll find that there are none of us who think that Redknapp is ‘the messiah’. If you look, you’ll find criticism of his tactical nous and inability to pass a microphone from most, including Essexian. Defoe is a good striker with certain limitations, not least of which is his greed and inability to understand the offside rule. Most of us get it and voice it, we just don’t accept he’s totally useless.

          It’s not the criticsm per se that we object too, it’s the lack of balance. Redknapp must be getting some things right, the results point that way, those you seek to defend never praise him for anything. Is he really getting everything wrong?

          “We are all entitled to make observations, and share viewpoints on various aspects of the club, without the need to be blanket covered with pathetic “Harry Haters” remarks or digs because we don’t happen to share the same views as you or anyone else.”

          Likewise, we are entitled to ask for a little balanced, reasoned criticism or even praise without being “blanket covered with pathetic “sycophants, unambitious, dreamers and Harry lovers” because we don’t happen to share the same views as you or anyone else”.
          It works both ways.

          It also gets boring when people post the same criticisms, sniping and personal remarks about Redknapp, Levy et al. Surely this blog is here so that we can discuss history, new and interesting things about the club. Criticise when and where warranted and praise by the same rationale. The fact that this is often done with humour, wit and intelligence is what makes this blog great.

          I suggest a general need for all involved in this discussion to wind necks in. The vitriol, venom and spite need to be focused outside of our support, players, management and staff. There are far more deserving cases in our opposition.

          Despite him being subject to the same levels of vitriol, I notice you left Levy off the list. Is this possibly because you disagree with the level of criticism levelled at him?

        • MysteriousStranger says:

          I agree it works both ways Spurious.

          The point I was making was in response to Essexian, and his own tireless approach to saying the same thing/regurgitating the same thing, directed at certain individuals – and resorting to a variety of insults directed at posters.

          He is not the first, he won’t be the last.

          I would dispute your suggestion that criticism of Levy is at the same level as it is for Harry. That would be all.

        • eastanglianspur says:

          @Spurious “Most of us get it and voice it, we just don’t accept he’s totally useless.”

          That’s because you make excuses and your argument is without foundation. At this level there is no room for selfish part timers. At this level they either perform as a team player and do their job i.e. score regularly and make assists regularly or they’re OUT!

          As I said to the Numpty76, if you want to make excuses, go support an amateur side or semi-pro side who play for the love of the game.

    • essexian76 says:

      There’s nothing like quoting half a story-So I’ll recap-just for you
      I’ve no problem as well you know in intelligent debate, but I’m getting really tired of reading the same horse shit and having to defend the fact that this club hasn’t been in such good shape for a bloody long time both on and off the field, yet, you’d think we were flogging fucking chickens in India as a sideline.

      • Hartley says:

        Anyone know a decent Marseille blog? I’m a Frenchman tonight….
        By the way Essexian, thanks for the kind comment, the sentiment is replicated….always enjoy debating with ya…COYOM
        Adegos Mange tout… :winke:

      • MysteriousStranger says:

        I’ve not quoted half of anything, Essexian.

        I’ve got far better things to do than regurgitate your unneccessarily excessive contributions where you have simply repeated yourself or got into a name calling/slagging match.

        The point I originally made remains the same. Take it or leave it.

  • dixta says:

    west ham’s bid fair? it breaks the Football League’s (of which WH are now a fully fledged member!) own rule designed to stop one club moving to another’s patch and putting it’s very existance at risk. That sound fair to anyone? Barry H, O’s employees and probably individual O’s fans themselves, could drag this one out for years through the European courts if they want to and I hope they do. In the meantime Spurs can keep helping out the O’s by loaning them players! btw I notice the gooners are helping out their mates from West ham with loan deals, funny that eh! finally, Barry H’s hilarious dissection of “that” mock up pic of WH playing at the OS missed out the subtle inclusion of Champs League livery around the pitch, which I’d bet WH didn’t have the rights to do although UEFA were prob too busy laughing at the thought of WH making the CL to worry the lawyers about it ;o).

    • paolo says:

      Right… so Orient will be breaking the same rule by moving out of their borough into West Ham’s. Hearn had no problem with Spurs relocating to the OS.

  • TMWNN says:

    I’ve fallen out with most of the fantastic postees on this site at one time or another, Danny Boy, Bimi, the great 9_37 (what ever happened to him?), MS, ODM, Astro, Trembly, HH, El, JGM, Kojack, Nick The Greek, to name but a few, but we’re all Tottenham through and through. Whether we’re ‘positive’ or ‘negative’. Variety is the spice of life.

    • spurious supporter says:

      You might want to ask why many of those post on here pretty rarely these days. I know Danny Boy said that he doesn’t appreciate the negativity.

      Variety is most definitely the spice of life, we’ve seen precious little of it coming from the ‘negatives’.

      • Harry Hotspur says:

        Danny Boy was a great contributor from the very beginning.

        Sadly when OleOle arrived Danny went from talking about football to aggressively swearing like a nuisance drinker at folk who were offering opinions that he didn’t share.


  • Phil McAvity says:

    I’ve only been here a short time (“thank God” is the cheer I hear back) but what cracks me up is that unless you are a really old timer then surely as Spurs fans we’ve never had it so good?

    When I think of some of the shit that I’ve paid to watch over the years, for instance watching us lose 0-1 at home to Crystal Palace years ago (that one always stung as a lot of my mates are Palace fans and were in the away end so that was a fun train journey home), I could only dream of playing teams like Inter and AC Milan and beating them. With the kind of shit we have produced for years, playing teams like Real Madrid in the quarter finals of the Champions League was a pipe dream, last season it was reality. Love or hate ‘Arry he delivered that to us, and for that alone I will always tip my hat to the bloke and say thanks, if I can get a word in edgeways that is.

    For anything to work you need positive and negative, yin and yang or whatever which is why this blog is great, but FFS please get some new insults for ‘Arry chaps, the normal ones are getting really tired now. For instance it’s just a matter of time before a certain poster (whose identity will be kept top secret so no-one knows who I’m referring to) mentions ‘Trout Chops’ in the Tom Huddlestone charity thread which is sod all to do with ‘Arry.

    In short, at the end of the day, when all is said and done and when push comes to shove I’ve got to go as I’m dying for a piss!! Up the Spurs!!

    Thanks and may the force be with you……always.

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