Neuralgia In The Bag

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Good afternoon.

Poor old Pav. He has revealed to Sky Sports that he’s been struck down with neuralgia. This ought to be lesson to all Tottenham players who do not fully immerse themselves in the drinking culture. For all the perils of gout you know where you are with it. It’s a man’s ailment and one you can diagnose on sight. Pav haters must be in uproar…

Nothing to lift the bleak prospect of a football free weekend better than hurling some free stuff at one’s highly distinguished readership. That’s what I say. Identify this Magnificent Seven and I’ll mail you a copy of “The Perfect Game” the Official THFC DVD commemorating that 5-1 win against the Unwashed Wanderers From Woolwich on January 9th 2008.

All you have to do is identify this Magnificent Seven and mail the answer or a straightforward ‘send it to me you fat chancer’ type demand email to

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  • KevtheRev says:

    As Mus would say if he were here: fakinel look shut the mouth make you lot the fakin moan too much make.


  • Spurstacus says:

    Fackinel make you lot mek me the so angry you think you know the sumfin i squiz the someone nek

    I wanted to partake of the guess the player game but your christmas themed graphics have covered all the faces leaving just the shirts displayed. Its very difficult to tell who’s who. Dont know if any one else has this problem or does my browser need resetting. Make. :whistle:

  • TMWNN says:

    Poor old Pav. His ‘injury’ is so bad, he has decided to fly to Russia tonight to play football.

  • Astromesmo says:

    I must say, it looks like a right old pair of bell-ends in 5&6 but that’s got to be some throw, to get that snowman right on his head from the Park Lane like that in no.3.

  • Frontwheel 2 says:

    Number 6 is black

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