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Poor old comrade Pavlyuchenski. A number of things have conspired against him. Before we dip into these, it’s important to remember that every player is ultimately the master of his own ship. This isn’t a race horse that wasn’t trained right, wasn’t fed right and nobody knew because the horse couldn’t speak.

In true Dragon’s Den speak, here’s where the old mad Russian is at right now.

“I have to do something in the transfer period. We’re ahead of the European Championship. If I don’t change my club then Euro 2012 will be played without me. I was fighting and fighting but it was useless. Does Redknapp believe in me? Now I don’t think so.

I do the training as good as the others. I do everything with 100 per cent effort. I don’t cry and I don’t say that everybody is bad but I’m a good footballer.If I score in each game then I can play but it’s not a reality to score in each game. That’s all.

“Will I ask the club to sell me in December? Yes, it’s 100 per cent.”

So about these conspiring factors then. Getting on the pitch was an occasional issue. There was a rumour flying about that the manager preferred Tall Circus Man and a Midget Gem to him. Was this a justified preference? Well, the most common way to assess this type of situation is usually to tally up the goals scored. And 3MP & Defoe were routinely bloody useless.Pav’s ‘not much better’ stats are artificially bumped by a number of Europa games in which he played with a rag tag collective of kids and other second stringers.

That said, when Pav did get a run out all we got were occasional flashes of what might have been. Did he get a fair go and fail to cut the old mustard? Or was he playing against a loaded deck? On balance it was a bit of both. I was a fan and a part of me always will be. This game is as much about the visceral as it is about anything.

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  • Sid Trotter says:

    It all went wrong – we were meant to get Arshavings and ended up with Pav instead – there is a lot to be said for translators

  • dancingbarber says:

    I have always wanted Harry to give him a decent run in the team as I think on his day he could (and has been) very good. Have to say that since he got those hideous tat’s I’ve wobbled to Harry’s view that he just hasn’t done enough to warrant a starting place over Ade or VDV.

    I’m in the ‘lets get Leandro’ camp now.

  • bringontheclowns says:

    Pav is utter shit, he ranks as one of the worst,laziest panic buys we’ve ever made, he is worse than Raisak that other well know East European import.

    We were creating so many chances during his purple patch that even a geriatric HH would have scored more. Fortunately, strikers (i hesitate to use the word where he’c concerned) are a dying breed and nothing will make me happier to see him go die in some second class league where his lack of abilty might be hidden forever.

    Get rid, get rid and get rid just as we did with 3MP, we deserve better than the likes of Pav or more importantly we need better. We need competition for VDV, Adebayor (whilst we have him) and we definitly need competition for Defoe, mind you a kicking donkey might well be good enough for that.

    • Hartley says:

      Harsh….worse than Rasiak, I wouldn’t even put 3MP in that bracket and he is one of the very worst strikers I have ever had the displeasure to watch wearing a lilywhite shirt.

    • essexian76 says:

      The nearest comparison I’ve seen to Pav is Gerry Armstrong, utterly useless but one hell of a dig. Pigeons and crows behind the goals wear little crash helmets most of the time, but every now and then-thwack! the bugger nets one-Is he a step forward? no, does he work harder at his game? No. Is he worth hanging on to if any reasonable offer came in?-No, but if not, then a squaddy he’ll remain but never numero uno or unmero duo for that matter

      • Hartley says:

        He looks nothing like him, Armstrong had a moustache for starters…

        • essexian76 says:

          Anyone knows he wore a false beard and Groucho Marx nose and glasses combo-how else would he have gotten out of the Lane alive? it’s just on the odd occasion he forgot to remove them before a match, and you reckon you’ve got a good memory! ;-)

        • Hartley says:

          That would explain everything….. :daumen:

  • kojac says:

    pav and defoe are our back up strike force so its better than nothing,

    if we are selling all these players we better replace or have enough squad players for the run in,no point selling just for the hell of it,obviously with euro 2012 coming i guess players will be upsetting the applecart to get a move

    well done to the geordies,i point behind utd after 10 games,they must be over the moon,good to have someone else making it difficult for the scums

    • Astromesmo says:

      Well said on the Barcodes. Respect where it’s due and it would be chuffing hilarious to see us and them muscle Cheatski and L’Arse out of the way!

      • Billy Legit says:

        Anyone who upsets the ‘Sky 4’ apple-cart is alright in my book!

        (Until we become a permanent fixture, of course!)

      • Anthony In That Number says:

        Credit where credit is due and all that. They play Cheatski on November 20th so that should be interesting and whatever the result it helps us, albeit a draw would peobably suit us the most I guess. Great to see the old SKY 4 reduced to well hopefully 1 (United) by the end of the season.

  • KevtheRev says:

    He is better than Defoe. Just. That’s all. I do ‘get it’ that he feels it’s unjust that he’s behind Defoe in the pecking order. When Spurs brought him he was meant to be a saviour he’s now coming to terms that’s he is not. Perhaps he feels that he should have had the same faith that Wenger had in Arshavin. But for me I like him ONLY because it’s great to sing the Super Pav chant when he does score.

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