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Good afternoon.

What can I tell you about Norwich? Well if you cross the bridge as you emerge from the railway station there is one of the finest KFC’s I’ve ever had the pleasure to set foot in. Another culinary high spot includes a stall in the city centre market doing while u wait Chinese food that will quite literally blow your socks off. 

Let’s talk football before I morph completely into Partridge.

City sit eleventh. They precisely mark the divide between the sides that will cause you trouble and the ones that really shouldn’t. Grant Holt’s name will be thrown into the conversation, but whilst good news for Norwich fans to me he’s marginally more exciting than Carlton Cole. 

Removing any arrogance from the analysis and basing a prediction purely upon how the two sides have shaped up so far this season, Spurs should hit this lot so hard they wake up in Sheringham. 

Walloping of all times? Something damn close. Prediction 0-4.

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  • Heath Spur says:

    I’d settlefor a narrow victory. Can’t see us winning by more than two when Defoe/Lennon/VDV/Bale/Ade are all either outor carrying knocks.

    Walker Gallas Bass Bae
    Krank Parker Modric Bale

    S: Cudicini, Livermore, Rose, Sandro, Pienaar, Gio, Pav

  • essexian76 says:

    Hopefully, we’ll match their work-rate and tenacity and not take this game as a ‘gimme’ There are no easy away games and to ever assume a victory is plain arrogance. Rip-roaring start by the home side buoyed on by a big crowd,will need our midfield to be energetic and forceful or else their momentum will put us on the back foot early on,just as we did at Stoke. Match their energy and we’ll win with superior skill, take it lightly and we’ll get nothing!

    • Phil McAvity says:

      Exactly!! I can accept some of us fans expecting an easy win but I really hope the players don’t think the same way otherwise we’ll see another performance like the first half against Stoke.

      That would be Norfolk n good!!

  • 4 Ever Hopeful says:

    It’s not a great ground for us so let’s score first and then we should be fine. Wondered about Townsend or Falque for Lennon with Sandro on bench. That way no need to dilute Modric’s contribution by playing him wide.

  • paulhasissues says:

    Vdv is a due a performance, according to my chinese accountant/happy ending massure the wise western man will back a ht/ft tottenham win with the dutch hamstring master as any time scorer

  • onedavemackay says:

    The teams seriously capable of causing us trouble currently occupy the top six places of the Prem. I include us in this on purpose for as we saw against Chelsea we are more than capable of convincing ourselves that the opposition are better than reality has shown them to be. Yesterday, Fulham demonstrated how poor Chelsea really are and for me the draw last week was definitely two points dropped.

    Norwich are doing really well but they’ve let in 31 goals so far this term and 19 of those were at home. The only top side they’ve played at home were the Goons who beat them 2-1 though they did beat the Toon army 4-2.

    So if we’re serious about the top four this should be a definite three pointer. That doesn’t make it easy but it is most definitely a game we should expect to win.

    • Bruxie says:

      Agree with your summing up of the Chelsea game, ODM.

      What I do like about the current situ is that adding the points we SHOULD get in the next three games makes for good table viewing. It’s getting the points that worries me.

      I was a bit concerned about the imbalance against Chelsea and feel that a right winger is a must. Azza is just too injury prone and we have no worthwhile replacament. I think this is as important as signing a Pav replacement.

      I’d also be surprised if Levy doesn’t try for Cahill. I don’t believe we would get him – but as soon as he signed the contract with us he’d be worth £20m plus. Not bad for an £8m January layout.

      Norwich will come out high tempo. Sandro and PNB for me – even though they didn’t gel too well last Thursday.


    • T says:

      Completely agree with this.

      Against us, Chelsea had Bosingwa as CB and Ferreira on FFS!

      Bale should have stayed wide left and given him a roasting he would never have forgotten.

      Defintely 2 points dropped.

      Norwich are a tough side but we should really be all over this lot, 2 goals in first 20 mins will do nicely, they’ll score but defensively they’re pony, as you have pointed out good sir.


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