HMRC’s Pound Of Flesh: Aftershocks In The Boardroom, That Sort Of Thing

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Good morning.

Did you know that questionnaires have also been sent to 24 clubs asking for information regarding free holidays, luxury homes and other gifts? 

The investigation is being carried out by HMRC’s High Net Worth Unit, which was specially created to target individuals worth in excess of £20million.

If the answers to the questionnaires are not satisfactory, then a full-scale investigation could soon follow.

Presumably common examples of  benefits/expenses for professional footballers include company cars, platinum toilet roll holders, health insurance, diamond encrusted  mobile phones, travel, various entertainment expenses including £27,000 bar bills, Luis Vuitton toenail clippers, that sort of thing.

This only adds weight to the notion that HMRC are making a concerted effort to make someone, anyone from the world of football a high profile coup.

Speaking of high profile coups, Tony Fernandes’ decision to bin Neil Warnock may be causing aftershocks in the boardroom at The Lane. As run on here at least twice in recent months, Mark Hughes is/was being held in a holding pattern to step in should Arry become ‘unavailable’ *cough, cough* to carry out his duties.

Hughes’ face this morning is plastered everywhere in relation to the brand new vacancy. Which poses a …poser now as what we ought to do should he accept. 

Whoever takes over at QPR wants there head looking at anyway. Pitiful gate receipts and a Chairman with delusions of grandeur. Nice combo.

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  • Will says:

    BTW I do hear that Warnock is available : )

  • devonshirespur says:

    why does Hughes have such a high profile….he’s never done anything significant in a short managerial career

    • SpurredoninDublin says:

      To be fair, Wales did improve under him, but that was when he had Bellamy, Giggs, Davies and some kid called Bale in his team.

  • Andy says:

    i agree with smog!

  • bankokspur says:

    what about the Brendan Rodgers?

    • Smog says:

      Good shout, did a good job at Watford and doing a superb job at Swansea, and plays good football. Remains to be seen if he can do it on the bigger stage, would be a risk but I’m not massively opposed

  • essexian76 says:

    I cannot believe Levy will just allow a foreign manager to just step in and undo all Redknapp’s created in his relatively short time at the line. We’ve got some good youngsters coming through, due to Sherwood’s influence and these kids are essential to a club with our financial limitations. The club has a British backbone and ethos, and only another British manager can continue the work in progress, which limits any future appointment should it arise.

    • Gilbo says:

      I completely agree: Johnny Foreigner has a record of spoiling what we brits start…

      you knob.

      • essexian76 says:

        Such an intelligent reply, some real thinking’s gone behind that(i). It’s not a dig at overseas managers, it’s a perspective on how our clubs currently run after numerous attempts and subsequent failures going down the continental route-you knob!

        • Gilbo says:

          Such an intelligent reply, some real thinking’s gone behind that… except your thinking is overly affected by your being a knob.

        • essexian76 says:

          and your’s is what exactly,do you actually have an opinion about the state of play or are you merely a silly little boy,who really cannot argue without resorting to keyboard cowardice, Junior Spurs awaits you-go play!

        • jim says:

          Your right essex, with the exception of a very few (wenger maybe) continental managers struggle to adapt to our game.The only one I would consider is (forgot his name….balls). He managed chelski as an interim manager for a while……Help.Dutch.. Oh for gods sake someone put me out my misery. But anyway your point is very valid.

        • jim says:

          Gus Hiddink… Bloody hell that was a struggle.

        • essexian76 says:

          Personally, I’m not adverse to the continental system, but it only appears to work in theory. Levy has had to pay out huge sums in reparation because it clearly didn’t work at the Lane,and my point is I cannot see him (Levy) going down that route if HR is given a little sabbatical.There’s more to good management than the figurehead, it’s also about his team, which in our case have done a sterling job supporting the club and introducing a new breed that were previously unknown. Would Levy let someone in from the outside to change all that by bringing in his own team, I can’t see it myself!

      • GilboHasAids says:

        100% behind essexian. Gimpo go back to touching your sister and stay away from the adults talking. You should be scared of us big boys after what Daddy did to you…

        • DessySpur says:

          Where did that come from you Fecking Freaks?
          HH has this become the Jeremy Kyle blog or something?
          Redschnapps has done a great job and God forbid, we lose him to Her majestys pleasure we would find a new coach, Levy has learnt an awful lot since Santini/BMJ and Ramos.

        • essexian76 says:

          Trollin’ just trollin’ by the light of the silvery moon!

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