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Good morning and welcome. And I’d like to extend my very best wishes to those now consoling the call centre staff at Virgin Media who this morning discovered that having Malcolm Tucker screaming at them would be like listening to the soothing song of a contented angel compared to me asking when they are fixing my broadband.

The Watford are giving it what for on the old terrace chants front. My favourite by a country mile has to be, ‘One man & his dog went to Monaco’. Other winners include:

“Paid all your taxes. You should have paid all your taxes” –  “Whats that coming over the hill, is it the taxman? Is it the taxman?” – “One man and his dog went to Monaco…” – “Arry give us a bung, ‘Arry ‘Arry give us a bung.”

I like the FA Cup and more precisely I like to see us in the FA Cup.  Being a fully paid up member of the Stuck Record Society I submit to the house that we should play a side worth paying good money to see and go out to beat the other lot.

Prediction? 0-1.

This video is for the Holocaust Memorial Day. If you have a minute, you might give it a click. I thought it was quite good.

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  • Brisbane Spud says:

    PS love Dawson, but not good enough by a Dorset mile… KKKKAAAABBBBOOOOUUUULLLLL….

    Are we actually going to sign somebody or what? Dying for some real dirty ITK… In The Knockers…,

  • Hartley says:

    Arry told me last night that he is looking to BUNG Freiedl in goals, with Dawson and Kaboul in the centre which he feels will help us to AVOID conceeding, but saying that it all really depends on who writes out the teamsheet, so it’s anyones guess….. :hae:

    • essexian76 says:

      Taxing question Hart?, I heard ‘Arry’s given a pile to the the hard of hearing-apparently, he thought it was for Deaf Duties

    • Gilzeanwasgod says:

      Avoiding is within the rules. Evasion is another thing all together.
      (To prevent any misunderstanding I am of course referring to the efforts of men in short trousers to stop other men, similarly dressed, from putting a round object in the string bag thingy. Just wanted to make that perfectly clear…)

  • Westbelfastyid says:

    Jack ass the women beater out for the season,love up you dirty Cnut.

  • jerkinmahjurgen says:

    In all fairness, Harrys’ English is probably still better than the squads, and they’re not all foreign… Pav deserve to start?? Ade in – needs a couple of goals to keep his spirits up. FA Cup not to be sniffed at this year, what with the Utd draws. I would love us to be in LC Final now.

    • SpurredoninDublin says:

      We have Wigan on Tuesday. Our cup side should be able to beat this lot, so I am in no hurry to see us rush players back from injury.

  • rogerspurs says:

    Has anyone on here asked for Arry’s autograph? What happened – did he scribble his name in child like form, draw a stick man, or did he write a dyslexia induced RRyha PknapDre? Or did he just point you at his accountant…” ask him he wipes my Arsenal for me”.
    If he can’t write a team sheet how does he pick the team fer chrissakes… do they all stand in front of him shouting “pick me, pick me, sir”. Ip dip birds shit out goes tom tit (well that’s the ditty we used round my way)

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