FA Will Have To Fund Arry’s Replacement

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Good morning.

It’s far from a complete surprise of course but the jungle drums have begun gently beating in relation to this whole England manager business. How much of this is factual and what elements are conjecture are for you to decide. So here we go…

While the FA have yet to make a formal approach… the two parties on our side are making ready their respective contingencies. For Arry’s part as we all know, he wants the England job and is letting the tide of popular opinion carry him gently into it.

Levy & Co have understandably gone into self preservation mode and it’s suggested that if or rather when the FA do come a knockin’ that they better brace themselves. Oh yes and bring an articulated lorry of cash with them.

It’s been suggested to me that Tottenham will understandably not roll over and have their tummy tickled in all this; a robust stance ought not be confused with brinkmanship.

The mood at The Lane is that Arry wasn’t cheap to install, a lot of hard work has gone in during this appointment and to date it has been a massive success. The poaching of Arry is not merely a challenge to the achievements but a concerted attack that will directly attempt to undo it all.

Not only will a firm stance be taken over the remainder of Arry’s contract a financial cost be placed upon it plus – and this is the really interesting bit – the cost of organizing his replacement.

Arry came in at a reported cost of £5M and his stock has obviously soared. The expectations then – based upon achievement and the requirement to uphold the standard set – of who is an acceptable replacement are understandably high.

Who knows what goes through the FA’s mind? But if they were thinking a Arry would arrive all smiles with a carriage clock under his arm they will need to think again.

The feeling is that the Club has learned a few lessons the hard way [think the shoddy and destructive Berbatov deal] and won’t be fooled again. The firm line taken in relation to Modric will set the tone. The message is you sign a contract with us, you see it out. If you don’t want to see it out bring a good lawyer and plenty of folding. 

Both sides are keen to avoid a PR disaster. But the ball is certainly in the FA’s court. Whilst the England manager position dominates the back pages, the reality is that the national side’s stock has been in a more or less continuous slump since 1966. They may release a new Engerlund shirt every 6 weeks but it’s difficult to find someone selling them at full price.

Arry could rejuvenate the FA streams like nobody ever has. But Levy & Co. are determined to safeguard the Club’s future. 

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  • Razspur says:

    Harry is history, £25m in used notes in black bin at rear of Nandos, Harry is tied up at ********* **** 2 metres below high tide, safe until 3:15pm, NO COPS or HR and the dog gets it, nuff said.
    Contact Slasher on the untracable phone in the bin b4 2pm for further instructions. Aquajoe.

    • Razspur says:

      I am sending two trusted employees over to the restaurant, your men can liase with Jolene Juggs and Claudia Fellationi ref your payment. Any wires or tricks and Harry and the Dog are f*cked. There is a tide in the affairs of men………….

  • threelagoon says:

    This whole business has reminded me the amazing thing that the Chairman had done – installing Harry as manager when most thought the job was too big for him, while having this court case hanging over him.

    Harry is not kidding when he says he owes Levy. Big time.

  • PeterTheStoreyTeller says:

    If Arry really cared about club and fans he would state that he will see out his contract,Arry is boxing clever(as usual)to keep the fans off his back.Remember the Campbell saga!Levy has a plan b no doubt but good managers are hard to find and expensive.We need a top top striker,center back, playmaker(as Modders is off)and keeper.Coaches will be off with Arry.

  • Harry Hotspur says:

    The problem with Arry is that he still sees the the England manager’s job as the pinnacle of a manager’s career. It no longer is.

    It’s a blocked toilet.

  • Cheeky Bill says:

    This is a delicate time for the club. The ‘wrong’ new manager could make the whole thing blow up in his face. We own 1 out and out striker – Jermain Defoe. While Saha may extend his stay if he succeeds what of Ade? Big money needs to be spent here. Modric and Bale – surely the first job for the new manager would be to secure thier loyalty for the next season and that’s before finding a whole new backroom team.

    With all of this in mind, the FA will have to cough up plenty to placate Levy.

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