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Newcastle indoors and that means we’re merely a few hours away from Arry being asked how he feels about the England job. What his thoughts are on the England job. How is he handling the mediaspeculation in the England job.

The whole situation’s boring me senseless. The FA need to put an Ad in the newsagents window and if Arry wants to apply then he needs to discuss compensating THFC. Nobody wants him to go, but if he does, then get on with it and give us a break. Honestly, this is about as a gripping as listening to two pensioners debating the possibility of rain.

The game then. My immediate thoughts are that Newcastle have been down the gym with the a similar frequency to Citeh. There will be hustle, bustle and a need to concentrate on playing football. This a pertinent point to suggest to to the boy Bale that he let the referee take charge of calling fouls and keep the temptation to simulate at bay.

Defoe’s back and it’s suggested Azza Blud too. I’d really like to see some use of the wings here and see Bale and Azza pinging the ball into Ade & Co. We lacked pace and width against Liverpool and what was served up in its stead wasn’t great viewing.

¬†Betting? 2-1 is a fair dos 7/1. You’re confident, but not so confident, you want some insurance? 13/5 for Spurs to win by one goal. Bale as first goal scorer and a 2-1 win is 33/1.

Prices from Boylesports.

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