Sandro’s Bruce Lee Video Special

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This is more like it.

I was lamenting the absence of fruit cakes in the modern game. Balotelli doesn’t count as violence serves only to take us into the arena of the unhappy and the unwell.

By fruit cake I mean good old fashioned loopyness where nobody gets hurt, the protagonist suspends his or her own embarrassment and reminds all of us acting ‘normally’ just how boring we’ve become.

This then from the bowels of the social media thing what is called Twitter.



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  • Razspur says:

    Show that to the Scousers, don`t mess with the Sandromander.
    The vast majority who follow like sheep.
    Some stand out and dare to be different.
    Men of courage lead with distinction.
    Bart would say “Eat my Shorts”
    Almost as nuts as Benny.

    It takes all sorts, and we at Tottenham have a rich blend of individuals, together they have the ability to be Champions, dare to dream. COYS.

  • Westbelfastyid says:

    I fucking love this mad bastard,set him on them bindippin fuckers on Monday,hopefully he will put that bucked teeth scum bag up in the air..

  • The V says:

    Thank you that’s made my day.
    Van Damalicious! Ossh! Go on my son.. av it.

  • LosLorenzo says:

    If that blue mullet’y thing didn’t prove it, this does. The man’s an utter nutter. Love it.

  • Spurfect says:

    What a legend, made in the Freund mould. The adjustment of the waist band coupled with the death stare is just golden

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