The 10 O’Clocker : Avram Grant It Is Then

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Guten abend,

A caption competition with a difference then. Normally we start off with an innocent picture to which we all play games in order to add a funny/sinister/outright daft caption.

So this is a funny/sinister/outright daft picture to which we need to add an innocent caption.

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  • melcyid says:

    well arry I walked into this building that I thought was a warehouse,just like that!

  • Yosh_B says:

    Avram: Oooh a penny on the ground
    Harry: Fuck that, I’ll have to report it to HMR tax service

  • 4 Ever Hopeful says:

    So Harry let me make sure I have it right. My cut is in account number Scottie606 you say?

  • wilboid says:

    It’s just not worth it Harry, England are shit, have always been shit, got a lucky linesman in ’66, born to disappoint, let some other mug take it on.

  • wilboid says:

    I suppose you could always do it part time, but just do the England bit a bit half hearted, make Scotty captain, injure a few Chelsea and Arsenal players and rest all the Spurs players until the final of the world cup. job done.

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