Do You Support Tottenham From Overseas?

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This is a public service announcement. Sort of.

Are you interested in a becoming a foreign correspondent for Hotspur’s Half Hour?

Do wot Aitch? Yes, the aural fine dining experience that is soon to be this blog’s online radio show is gently simmering in the HH kitchenette.

Hotspur’s Half Hour will be presented by One Dave Mackay and myself with the support of many others with who possess not only genuine talent but patience that would shame a coach party of Saints not to mention a mouth watering twist of ex THFC players and club related stars.

Most people do not live within a tram ride of The Lane. Most people do not travel home and away. However …most people recognize that overseas fans are just as passionate, committed and interesting to talk to as anyone else.

In fact, I’m probably keener to hear about how you felt about the game watching it in some a bar in Poland with some random Man Utd fan you share a few glasses of anti freeze with on such occasions.

We’re not looking for anything particularly professional or lengthy here (that’s what she said) by the way. Just a minute or two on the blower now and again to give the 3 men and a dog that will be listening a flavour. Hell, if we had you on every week you’d lose your exotic mystique!

So if you fancy having a chat and finding out a bit more about becoming an broadcasting megastar, in the first instance bung us an email on the old

That is all.


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  • arcticspurs says:

    First hand experience was on the 22 October 1977, a cracking 9–0 victory over Bristol Rovers in Division 2. When I was a kid my old man took me to the fridge alot, but 10 mins at the Lane and I found my true home.

    Home now is above the Arctic circle in Tromsø, Norway surrounded by mostly Man U and Liverpool fans and a few scum. EPL coverage on the box is excellent here so I watch the lads whenever they are on.

    Good Blog HH.

    • minionas says:

      My uncle habits Sweeden. He tells me they have a “top class” suicide rate there in the winter. But the women are fitter than a butcher’s dog. :daumen:

      • arcticspurs says:

        Yea with Bale on the right and Modders on the left, the suicide rates rocket!
        But in the winter when its 23hrs dark, -20 outside the cabin (with sat dish) and polar bears trying to get in to watch the match; a blonde haired, green eyed buxom beauty serving me copious amounts of the dark stuff still doesnt manage to talk my eye of the ball, so to speak.

        But your right its very hard to find a women who’s looks resemble that of an unsuccessful robber’s dog.

  • Jubaspur says:

    American – became a Spurs fan in Thailand in ’06 (cheers to Jim and Martin) – now living in the capital of the world’s newest country – South Sudan.

    At least a half dozen Spurs fans around, though I’ve watched the last three games with other fans… and I think I may start watching by myself again…

  • Ozspur says:

    A dedicated fan from Sydney, Australia. Most of the EPL games are broadcast at 2 a.m. so sometimes it is sleep from 11-2; up to watch the game 2-4; off to bed for pity sex or celebration sex with my wife depending on the result 4-4.03; then off to sleep and watch the game again in the morning if we win.

  • ufluckingplick says:

    Sorry H & ODM you posted this while I was moving house and waiting for the old internet to get connected…So please count Hong Kong on the agenda.

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