Gently Oozing With Pride

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Good afternoon.

A gutsy well earned point against the usual vexations of  Secondhand Fridge. Some crummy refereeing and a conveyor belt of petty cheating from a team so screwed up they believe they can manage themselves.

The only criticism was the absence of one touch passing. Our average was three and that buys the other lot time. The midfield was massively congested and neither side seemed capable of challenging that. 

Bale was vastly improved. So was Walker and had Adebayor not spent the entire game fighting for every ball I doubt we’d have taken a point. He was less successful attacking but hey. Them’s the breaks. 

It was a classic Mourinho- esque Cheatski performance and I’m telling you now that a Martin Jol side would have buckled. Crucially Arry’s mob did not and that was the difference out there. Chelsea lacked the killer edge today. From front to back we blunted the knives of  a still very, very dangerous side.

Was it two points dropped because we missed a few gilt edge chances? No. Our recent bad run has generated dozens of reasons to get heated and today we showed what a politician would call some genuine green shoots of recovery.

Player ratings in the morning. To our lot this afternoon I say in the softly spoken words of the young Mr Grace, ‘You’ve all done awfully well.’

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  • 4 Ever Hopeful says:

    Agree. There was not much wrong with it really. A better team selection than for a while and we cannot blame Arry for two glaring misses that would have deservedly won us the game.

    Still very concerned about Friedel not coming out but Gallas made a huge difference compared with King. Also good to see Bale appear to take some responsibility. We did look more likely to score once Saha came on but maybe that was due to Chelski trying to force the game.

    If they take heart from that performance there is no reason we cannot win the remaining eight fixtures.

  • Jeffrey pleat says:

    I am hungover..well that’s the bad patch negotiated (poorly, but dealt with) now onwards and upwards, we can still get third with our up coming fixtures so keep on fighting the good fight arry I mildly trust…!!!

  • JPG466 says:

    very solid 2nd half performance after playing chess with them 1st half… relieved to see good scoring chances created which is healthy sign needed to trigger us back to winning ways.. good away point against a team in form.

  • Jeffrey pleat says:

    Anyone live in Dubai, I’m moving there and want some companionship with fellow spurs fans, maybe more..gsoh time wasters please..still really hungover here..!! Want a kebab..!! Eat shit you lot, would never hang out with any of you anyway, too cool for that, I’m young handsome and in debt, your all fat, old and in more debt..#prayformuamba

    • DesertSpur says:

      I’ve been out in Dubai for 7 years – def quite a few Spurs fans out here. If you know where in Dubai you are moving to I can suggest a few decent sports bars to watch the games in.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      @Jeffrey pleat WLTM your scriptwriter :-D :-D :-D

    • melcyid says:

      Dear Jeffrey I have to inform you that once you move overseas you are no longer considered a true fan.

      • Harry Hotspur says:

        True fans out.

      • Essexian76 says:

        If that was a slight at me, perhaps I’d just like to go on record once and for all. My point to MS/TMWNN was simply how can you judge the atmosphere of a game when watching on TV with a screaming commentary in Arabic?, secondly how can you judge tactic’s or a lack of, when you’re only getting the directors view on a single lens and not watching the game with a panoramic view? and lastly as the game is a professional game, in which the club is dependant on revenue (obviously), how can you consider yourself a supporter, when you offer neither physical, financial or even moral support,especially when every post is negative or derogatory? How and what you consider yourself to be is your own business and I for one couldn’t give a toss, but for heavens sake don’t talk about tactics and atmosphere, when a dodgy net link is all you can go by-tried it once this season and never again!

        • Frontwheel 2 says:

          I’d sooner listen to Arabic commentary than some ex Arse or Spammer twat giving us their biased bullshit wisdom.
          As for supporting the club financilly,it costs me an arm and a leg to get to a game.
          Its all in the heart really and this and many sites like it would be fucked without the opinions of overseas yiddos.

        • Essexian76 says:

          No problems with opinions of any sort, just get a little pissed when they’re always putting the club down, without any balanced reasoning or grasp of our clubs current stature.
          Incidentally was actually going to get those on here to have a whip round so you could attend more often as the time you went was a 5-0 win!
          I’ve watched games in France Germany and Guernsey in recent times, you grab what you can when you can, but trying to say you’re supporter when every solitary post is whiny moan and pile of bile? how can that possibly be termed as ‘supportive’?

    • DAVSPURS says:

      Enjoy it i was young fucking very nice looking had my pick of the bitches now iam fatish but shaven head bald and fit still got arms like popeye would i give it up to live in Dubai would i fsuk Coys.

    • DJ says:

      Commentary is all in English in Dubai as every game of the prem is screened live with English commentators and pundits and we don’t have to put up with Gary Neville or Lee Dixon talking shite which means generally we don’t miss a thing and get more media coverage than the UK…. we pay our subscriptions like Sky viewers which also gets pumped back into the Prem and coffers of clubs and players hence we financially support too, plus it costs a fortune to ship over kits etc. which the club makes on and because we all earn vast fortunes here tax free we can afford nice boxes at inflated prices at the Lane…. COYS

  • Billy_Fiore says:

    Cannot help but think Chelsea were there for the taking. Experienced, but completely intractable. So much space behind the back four we didn’t exploit because we seemed obsessed with tippy-tappy sideways as soon as we got the ball in their half. Yes, it’s a good point (given our record there).. and it may well guarantee our own Champions League spot, but forgive me for wanting to gain ground on the cvnting Ar$e.

    Gareth, please take off those blinkers.

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