The Gareth Bale Venn Diagram

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Good morning.

Bloody minded people tend to fall into two catagories.  The ones you can reason with and the ones that are so impervious to rational thought that even if their intentions and assertions made a scrap of sense  you just know that they are going to screw up anyway.

“We haven’t a natural wide-right player apart from Aaron Lennon but Gareth can play there.

“People who moan don’t understand the game. People switch wingers now.

“Lots of left-sided, left-footed wingers play on the opposite side. It happens all the time.

“Bale likes playing there. He plays there for Wales and Gary Speed played him there all the time. He played wide right — he didn’t play left.

“He did all right against Everton. He did better than he has done on the left in the last few weeks — it’s not a problem.”

Arry Redschnapps speaking to the Sun

Faced with this level on intellectual analysis it is difficult to think of much to add that might be constructive.  Oh well, it was very nice while it lasted.

That’s what she said.

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  • Finn says:

    I think it’s clear to most that a few eyes have drifted from the ball. HR saying that has not happened is a bit delusional, even if nothing has changed operationally, the attitude of the players when 10 points clear of 4th clearly needed modifying as the worst thing anyone or any team can do is start believing their own bullshit.

    We seem to have done that both in the manager’s office and on the pitch. The question is what to do about it and that in turn raises a series of other questions.

    ‘arry’s done more than enough to garner full support from everyone. However, he has not dispelled the rumours about his future and that is having an effect on our immediate team concerns such as performance, attitude etc. Moreover it is having other effects on the mid to long term team and club prospects.

    We have players that are the envy of other top clubs and there is a perception that they are available, despite DLs stand last autumn, because we don’t pay enough. Our bastion has been our success and the relationship with our current manager: both are under threat. This could, if unchecked lead to a downward spiral with each of those factors exacerbating the spin of the other……

    “arry’s going I’m worried about my future here” leads to poor performance, leads to, “I’m worried our downward turn will just push Harry to leave if asked” leads to poor performance and so on….

    The question now is should Daniel Levy be content to allow Harry’s whims and childhood dreams to direct the club, or should he take the reins and assert the direction with a few well-chosen words to HR, essentially saying “shape up or ship out”? If Harry cannot or will not answer the question of whether he will take the England job, that should be enough to convince him that he needs to replace Harry, the only other question then being the timing.

    The fact is that if Harry will not commit because of England, will we face a similar dilemma if Fergie retired or died and someone asked Harry to manage ManU, or Barca, or Real…? No they are not England, but the principle is still established.

    Meanwhile we see the Chavs touting their empty seat which tho’ it involves higher expectations, does offer an almost unlimited pot of money to get the best. I’m not saying Harry would go there but the likely replacements will be narrowed in that we are unlikely competing on a level playing field not just with the Russian Billionaire’s largesse, but with the roles that will clink down the chain…

    …for example say Jose did go, then there’re the seat at RM, or if Pep went to the Chavs then there’s Barca, who might get Jose who would then leave the RM seat vacant and so on… My poont is when we were the first vacant slot we had potentially well …..anyone, now we are not only competing with the Chav’s purse strings but all the rest in the chain; which despite our recent success (and notwithstanding our more recent failure), puts us a ways down the list!

    OK we can’t un-f*ck this, but we (Daniel Levy) should be the one making the decisions about our future not a c*nt-struck Harry Redknapp.

  • UnkleKev says:

    So we’ve just taken no points from nine in matches where even the best would struggle to get something out of. Am I concerned? A little. Am I worried? Not really. The time to worry is when we start taking no points from nine against the likes of Villa, Stoke and Wolves.

    Our recent run has as much to do with the quirks of the fixture list as it does with the wheels coming off.

    And as for Arsenal and Chelsea? Here’s a little something that seems to have slipped everyone’s minds — THEY’RE NOT VERY GOOD! They won’t catch us.

  • Voice Of Reason says:

    Support the team.

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