Arry Committed Perjury At HMRC Trial

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Good morning Client Reference numbers.

Arry Redschnapps lied in court. He said under oath to the prosecuting QC,

 “I’m a fantastic football manager!”

The grounds for making an accusation of perjury need to be solid and so I’ll lay them out for you in an easy to follow fashion. 

But first, let’s kick off with yesterday.

Yesterday we witnessed the absolute crème de menthe of Arry’s managerial career. No you dopes, I’m not talking about the performance on the pitch against Norwich. Pah, that was just a football match. I’m talking about his post match BBC interview here.

You do realise you were not only watching history being made, but you were also witnessing The Peter Principle demonstrated live on your TV and recorded forever for future generations to come.

“I played 442 today …I thought we were too open.”

“People say to me we’re better when we’re 442, I think we played that way today and I didn’t like the look of us, I thought we were miles too open.”

On the first quote, this is just straightforward weird because I thought he picked the team and the tactics. But he’s actually commentating from the position of a third party. When he made his substitutions you could effortlessly argue he had the situation worse.

But if that was the ‘people say’ quote was surreal. I’m hesitant to ask who these people are. Are they made up to deflect blame (which we know is something he’s a master of), are they  the voices he hears in his head or perhaps pearls of wisdom from little old ladies when he goes down the shops?

We shouldn’t be shocked though, it’s just a simple case of history repeating.

Let’s look at Arry’s …managerial track record.

Bournemouth? He worked wonders mentoring them away from the foot of the old Third Division, took them on a memorable cup run and later won the League. But check out this harrowing parallel… Arry was linked with the manager’s role at West Ham. He didn’t get the job and after committing to an extended contract at Bournemouth he went on to lead them to …relegation.

West Ham? Arry left West Ham 8th in the Premiership, with a mediocre run out n the Intertoto Cup. After talking too freely with a West Ham fanzine and the Chairman fired him.

Southampton? After walking out on Portsmouth Arry was appointed as the man to save The Saints from Premiership relegation. But they were relegated and he sneaked back to Pompey…

Portsmouth? Well, it was here that Arry won his solitary piece of silverware, the FA Cup. The financial black hole(s) and recriminations around how that club was run into the ground are still echoing today. The club left bankrupted and relegated.

So what we have is what I and a hell of a lot of others have said all along. A passable crisis manager, not a great manager. And he’s some considerable distance away from being fantastic.

Analysis of the game & ratings to follow…

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  • nipper says:

    …as soon as the line up was announced I shuddered. Didn’t Arry just say a week or so ago that 4-4-2 hadn’t worked, so he was going back to 4-4-1-1? Didn’t it work against Swansea/Bolton? What was he thinking of? Why did he change it all around…with 5 games to go, do these overpaid bladder-kicking non performers really need a rest? Was he thinking the FA cup is more important than the PL? And now the tw*t goes public to say we can’t catch the scum…there’s motivation for you. It’s taken a while for the penny to drop, but I’m with you now Mr Hotspur…Redschnapps has got to go (and poor old Ledley also needs to be put out to grass with a pat on the back for services past…)

  • Kash says:

    Tottenham Hotspur
    24 Friedel
    04 Kaboul (Nelsen – 45′ )
    26 King
    28 Walker Booked
    32 Assou-Ekotto
    03 Bale
    07 Lennon
    14 Modric
    29 Livermore (Van der Vaart – 71′ )
    15 Saha (Adebayor – 46′ )
    18 Defoe
    23 Cudicini
    33 Nelsen
    11 Van der Vaart
    21 Kranjcar
    25 Rose
    30 Sandro
    10 Adebayor

    Did not watch the match but this BBC reports says it all.

    1) Livermore next to modric : NO
    2) Van Der Vaart for Livermore : NO
    3) Nelson and King : NO
    4) Saha and Defoe : NO
    5) Lennon starting games : NO

    He should have played 4-3-3 ( MF of Livermore , Sandro and Modric) , upfront Ade , Defoe and Bale.

    Then bring on Lennon or VDV IF NEEDED !!!!!!
    Was Kaboul injured ??? Where is Gallas ???

    C’mon Arry sort this shite out and go out in a blaze of glory.

  • mattspurs says:

    We’ve performed really badly every time we’ve played 442 other than the Newcastle game.
    After changing the formation Harry took the spine out of the team by replacing Gallas, Parker,Sandro and Ade.

    Credit to Norwich who didn’t let our defenders pass the ball – Livermore was never an option for Friedel either. So Brad’s solution was to lump it up to Defoe and Saha who won one header in the entire game.

    All hugely depressing – Harry has been found out, he can’t go quickly enough.

    • UnkleKev says:

      442, 433, 451, 4231… It matters not a jot if the players asked to play the system fail to deliver.

      Personally I just don’t buy into this ‘ever since Capello left’ rubbish. They’re professionals and should behave accordingly. The fact that much the same thing happened this time last year would seem to support the idea that our recent demise is more down to the fact that the majority of our players have simply been run into the ground than any vacancy at Lancaster Gate. Lack of squad rotation is what’s doing for us.

      Fortunately Chelsea are a poor outfit and Newcastle have been riding their luck of late so I’m still confident that we’ll end up fourth this year (third is already beyond us) — if for no other reason that the alternative just doesn’t bear thinking about.

      • SerfCity says:

        Agree on both “Capelleo left” and lack of rotation points. The initial signs of rot appeared in early December, when Bale, Adebayor, Parker and BAE were clearly knackered from playing every game and for the full90 at that! Harry’s failure to use the squad is legend and the unnecessarily inflicted roadkill along the way is nothing short of shameful. It can’t be simple coincidence that the careers of Bent, Dos Santos, Pavlyuchenko, Palacios, Bentley, Bassong, Corluka, Hutton, Gomes, Piennar, Keane, Kranj?ar, Pletikosa… have all faltered under Harry’s tutelage can it?

  • ufluckingplick says:

    All this from a manager who calls us idiots and fondly reminisces of his youth spent watching Arsenal…Lambert a young manager who learns from defeats and adapts. Twitchy a twat who thinks a funny quote to the press boys will let him off everything. Would actually look forward to seeing him crucified by the press as england boss, but I don’t think he’ll get it because his gob will constantly embarrass the FA (who need no help in that dept)

  • a_felching says:

    Job is too big for him, he is not good enough for Spurs let alone England. The press are going to have some fun with this plum :winke:

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