Bust Up Rumour : Ade Quit Before QPR Game #HarryOut

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Good evening. I’m not Max Clifford as you know, I can barely hold water let alone a tale.

So what I initially felt was perhaps loose talk in realation to our dressing room ‘dynamic’, prior to the FA Cup semi appears to have gathered some all too credible pace. 

Hamstring? Adebayor bailed before the QPR game because he was as sick and tired of Redschnapp’s extraordinary mismanagement as the rest of us.

From what I’ve been told this evening, Arry’s, ‘Bale in the middle etc’ rubbish against QPR – despite common sense on a ‘tight’ pitch …was pretty much a fit of pique from the imbecile who’s insanely high management wages we pay.

Sauces? Suffice it to say, neither HP or Heinze. 


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  • :-) says:

    CL or no CL let harry go to england and bring brendan rodgers in.

    Release all the old men; friedel, cudicini, nelson, gallas, king (coaching role), saha etc. Sell the dead wood like bassong, corluka, bentley, jenas etc and send ade back to city.

    Bring back caulker to compete with daws and kaboul. bring back adam smith to compete with walker.

    Sign this gk loris from lyon for whatever they want for him and then at long last spend BIG on two decent strikers.

    • spursguv says:

      They don’t have to compete, they can and should all be part of the team. Rotation = a developed squad with similar playing pattern and understanding. there have been times this season i would liked to have seen walker in lennons position. No better way of understanding the guy infront than having played there. Couldn’t happen coz no cover for RB. All on loan..oh and rednapps a twitching who needs ditchin.

    • jim says:

      agreed, but not rodgers, Moyes is the only man for this job

  • Jay says:

    I hope Levy is on the phone with the FA negotiating a deal for him to leave now…..and them get a caretaker in for the last 4 games, they are all winnable games and can be won without Redknapp.

    PLEASE BRING REDKNAPP OUT TO THE BLACKBURN GAME SATURDAY….the press love him too much to start running him down even though the job he is doing is atrocious

    • 95misfootballer says:

      You are right all the remaining games are winnable but for the opposition i cant believe my fans Wigan beat Liverpool Arsenal Utd and should have beat Chelsea, What must the Wigan fans think of there team when Fulham beat them sack the Manager fucking crap no they must think how the fuckin hell did we beat the other teams. Learn the answer and you wont be surprised if Blackburn run a round a lot and shock we need to up our work rate and question others or four losses could follow our others. I wont call our players or Harry m anger is at the FA Ukad and Sky for turning Football in to a soap opera with the scheduling of matches all designed to build the pressure on teams to win and some teams are using banned substances and we have just faced one offender Kenny who saved everything we threw at him. The other one was in the team who beat us 5-1 City and all you can do is call Harry while football gets let of our game is invested with drugs if you believe Wigan just started playing well then go ahead and call Harry but since i found out about energy drugs we have lost two other Managers and i wont let our fans hound another one out while the cheats get off. In Harry i trust because Ukad are no good

  • Paul says:

    When I said we should sack Redknp last season after he was the architect of our total collapse in the second half of that campaign, people thoughr I was mad. Well here we are again and the collapse has been even worse. Redknap has always been nothing but a chancer who rides his luck. One FA Cup is all he has to show for a career in football so how has he managed to pull the wool over our eyes and the Media’s? The guy is a total loser who I truly believe is one of the worst managers in the Premier League. Bring in Moyes an day of the week, Redknap couldnt lace his boots.

    • spursguv says:

      I don’t think rednapp is as good as you portray him here..”one of the worse managers”?? Manager?? worse..defo. totally agree mate. I cried when I heard this muppet was coming to spurs. I reckon rednapp should be named the petomane man. Everything he says warrants a fart response.

  • rogerspurs says:

    On the plus side….being depressed after a Spurs game is excellent practice……for watching England in the summer!

  • jason says:

    if we do not get 4th spot, it will be the end of the current club we know it..horseshit manger, best players (Modric can go for free) will leave and another rebuilding process begins..we are a total shambles…its always been humiliating over the last 30 years supporting spurs and somethings never change

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