Bust Up Rumour : Ade Quit Before QPR Game #HarryOut

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Good evening. I’m not Max Clifford as you know, I can barely hold water let alone a tale.

So what I initially felt was perhaps loose talk in realation to our dressing room ‘dynamic’, prior to the FA Cup semi appears to have gathered some all too credible pace. 

Hamstring? Adebayor bailed before the QPR game because he was as sick and tired of Redschnapp’s extraordinary mismanagement as the rest of us.

From what I’ve been told this evening, Arry’s, ‘Bale in the middle etc’ rubbish against QPR – despite common sense on a ‘tight’ pitch …was pretty much a fit of pique from the imbecile who’s insanely high management wages we pay.

Sauces? Suffice it to say, neither HP or Heinze. 


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  • Simon Gibbs says:

    It amazes me how anyone on here is surprised by Spurs collapse, based on HR being linked with the England job or the fortunes of any team trying to challenge the top 4. There is too much money in the game and unless you have a rich owner or the FA in your pocket, you stand no chance. Chelski have to be in CL next season, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see a number of dodgy decisions in the remaining fixtures for Spurs and Newcastle, or Chelski going public in their admiration for key players from both clubs. Unfortunately it’s the way of the world. The world is corrupt and football is no different. The sad fact is that had we held on to our 2-0 advantage until half time at the Arse, we probably wouldn’t be having to vent our anger on these sites. We would probably be talking about how close we were to winning the title with the rear gunners trailing in our wake. At the end of the day, Spurs are on the right track. We are having regular top 5 finishes. We have a fantastic new training facility, an awesome new ground to look forward to and our finances are kept in check. Managers and players come and go. We will have no problem securing a good manager, and we have already showed that we can find class players. We managed to get Carrick, Berbatov, Modric, Bale, Walker, VDV to name just a few, so we can do it again. Keep the faith fellow Yids. COYS

    • Parklaner says:

      Agree with your last paragraph, just makse it so much worse when we’re having to watch 7 months of good work unravell in 6 weeks

  • Parklaner says:

    Now we can see how fantastic our squad really is, Piennar, Possibly our best option to play the Modric role as a midfield passer or the ball gets stuck out on the wing and then loaned back to Everton who are now on fire.
    Kranjcar played out on the wing and he’s possibly the slowest player that we have.
    Aaron Lennon out injured for a significant length of time so we loan out Andros Townsend who is capable of stretching a defence.
    Players loaned out or sold without sufficient cover brought in during the Jan window therefore we were unable to play in the way that was working for us with no real clue how to utilise the players that we had in reserve.
    The same 14 or 15 players flogged to death over the course of the season now look shot to bits.

    I can’t wait for him to go, this is a collapse of epic proportions and he hasn’t got a clue nor the inclination to turn it round. My real concern is if England don’t want him will we end up being lumbered with him

  • Acton_Yid says:

    >”Chelski have to be in CL next season, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see a number of dodgy decisions in the remaining fixtures for Spurs and Newcastle, or Chelski going public in their admiration for key players from both clubs. ”

    Nah, mate. Those “dodgy” decisions happened long ago…Chelsea on Modders, Stoke scandal, Ade offside vs. Chelsea, onside…The FA had us marked from the beginning, not at the close of the season.

  • gary fox says:

    Harry isnt the worlds greatest manager….but he aint the worst either although since Xmas too many wrong decisions have been made by Levy, Redknapp and the players. Biggest mistake was not taking a risk at Xmas and buying a quality forward – Everton and Newcastle did and look at the result. Then we let too many back-up players go, partly because the players felt they werent getting a game (true) and Harry couldnt promise them any change – and now he moans about a thin squad! Lennon is NEVER fit for more than 25 -30 games a year so where is the right-sided midfielder to cover? It certainly isnt Niko or VDV. The team looks tired and Modric looks like he wants away – check the body language on Sunday. Cant blame him if it means double wages and a chance of winning. The season has turned on a couple of key points – the 2-0 lead at Arsenal being thrown away; the Defoe toe-poke that would have won the game at Man City; the dodgy decisions at Stoke and Chelski (three times in each case) – but tactics have been predictable because team selection is and thats down to Levy and Harry, not just the manager. Levy wouldnt open his wallet because he guessed Harry was leaving and a new manager would want the cash instead – and this is what happens when a team runs out of steam.

  • johnson says:

    Harry Redknapp is a tosser ,his attitude towards the club & it`s fans has to be the worst i`ve ever seen.Up there with Campbell & Berbatov .I accept arrogance from Wenger ,Ferguson & Mourinho because they are great managers ,but from the mediocre Harry Redknapp ? no chance .As with all his previous clubs he goes leaving a mess in his wake .Can`t stand the bloke ,never have never will .HARRY OUT, the man is nothing but a parasite

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