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Good morning.

The Midget Gem is in the papers again amid allegations of unauthorised swordsmanship in a Newcastle hotel with some model called Laura Brown. I bet the irony of Alexadra Burke’s recent pop lament, ‘Elephant In The Room’ was missed by all concerned.

And Kyle Walker says that the England snub has put a spring in everyone’s step. My guess is that prior to the Fulham game our chairman will be offering to freely insert a high powered rocket or two  somewhere a little more intimate.

Here’s the survey HERE And I’ll run the results towards the end of the day.

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  • nobby nobbs says:

    Dzeko …the new Les Ferdinand ..chances to goals ratio is awful. Not for me.

    • minionas says:

      He’s not been given a chance he needs 5/6 games but they dont have that time for him to click. When he first played for Citeh he was fantastic. I thought he might suit our style of play better.

    • DR says:

      Er, that would be the Les Ferdinand who scored almost 150 premiership goals? Yeah, we’d all hate to have a player like that at Spurs!

      (agree about not rating Dzeko though)

      • nobby nobbs says:

        150 goals so what..its about the chances he missed. This is the man who missed two 1 on 1 s with the keeper v Blackburn in the league cup final.

        • DR says:

          Haha – “glass half empty” kind of guy are you? Since when has football been about chances missed? I see a Goals Scored column on the table, and Goals Conceeded, but I’ve never seen one for chances missed.

        • Lee Nelson says:

          Ferinand was very overated in my book. He played alongside some great players , Shearer, Beardsley, Klinsmann.If there is no difference on Opta betwwen a player who scores 149 goals with great service creating loads of chances and a players who scores 149 goals from 149 chances I would be amazed.
          Not the finished article sums it up for me

  • crespur says:

    What will happen to Gio dos Santos, does any club really want him or will HR have a change of heart during the pre-season.

  • nobby nobbs says:

    Citeh were fantastic.I would rather get someone who view Spurs and the Prem as a step up.

  • Frontwheel 2 says:

    Walker,what a star but needs coaching,Kaboul was the player of the season for me but if Sandro had got the chance to be a regular I think he would have been the man.

    • mattspurs says:

      Parker was excellent at the start of the season – Sandro is looking better now though.

      Our defensive plans should be kaboul + 1. He’s been awesome this season. Being hyper critical I’d like to see 5 goals a season from him as he’s our target at corners (maybe i’d just like some decent corners to be taken)

  • Parklaner says:

    Q5, Dont want Modric to be sold but we’ll cope if he is. If Pienaar comes back with that Everton form and is played in the middle we’ll be fine

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