Andres Villas Boas Signs 3 Year Spurs Deal Say Italian Media

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Me again.

Hold tight on the upper deck.

Here is what there is, this time from La Gazetta dello Sport. Their web page is here.

The former Chelsea manager, the Portuguese Andre Villas Boas will train again the Premier League yesterday found an agreement with Tottenham for three years, will take over from Redknapp. 

The Portuguese, who prematurely ended his adventure with the Blues last season, has surpassed the competition of the Wigan coach, Roberto Martinez, and will start from Spurs.

Ooh my days. 

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  • Alex says:

    AVB is a great appointment if true.

    He is young and ambitious and will relate to a young team like Tottenham.

    He is a proven winner that has won titles and cup in Europe, he cannot have been that bad for Chelsea to pay 13 million in compensation to get him.

    He will feel he has alot to prove in the English game and will be very motivated.

    He brings with him a “modern ethos” in footballing training, coaching and man management.

    He has the pedigree to impress the current squad of players and hopefully we will retain Modric as it was AVB that wanted him at Chelsea. It is vital we dont loose any key players and build on the squad we have.

    He brings a brand new coaching team that could arguably be better than the current one that I believe seems to buckle at the last hurdle, lacks real winning experience.

    The only down side is hes slightly ginger :O)

    • Johnny says:

      Yeah, it would not look good on Modric if he still wanted to leave if we bring in AVB and a couple of decent signings to go along. After all, he wanted to leave for footballing reasons.

  • Stanley Burkinshaw says:

    So it was ‘player power’ that did for AVB at Chelski? And you suppose there is no such thing at our club? Any decent manager should be able to handle that, and get his way. Wenger faced intial resistance (Adams & Co.)at Arsenal yet he prevailed. Maybe AVB’s methods are right in the long term, but if he can’t manage a transition without sending us down the table then I doubt many here, and Levy in particular, will be very happy about it.

    • Johnny says:

      Perhaps he would have managed the Chelsea squad in the long run, we will never know seeing as Roman sacked him.

  • Spurs 37001 says:

    Perhaps if he had stayed at Porto they would have won the Champions League instead and we wouldn’t be in this mess.

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