Andres Villas Boas Signs 3 Year Spurs Deal Say Italian Media

Me again.

Hold tight on the upper deck.

Here is what there is, this time from La Gazetta dello Sport. Their web page is here.

The former Chelsea manager, the Portuguese Andre Villas Boas will train again the Premier League yesterday found an agreement with Tottenham for three years, will take over from Redknapp. 

The Portuguese, who prematurely ended his adventure with the Blues last season, has surpassed the competition of the Wigan coach, Roberto Martinez, and will start from Spurs.

Ooh my days. 


  1. All I think about , if this is true, AVB taking six points of the Chavs…..

    1. Mate, that’s all we will be doing? Ok, I give up! Have nothing sensible to add. Anyone think we will finish in the top 6? Anyone?

        1. Are you lost? I always thought you traveller types had an excellent sense of direction…..Cnut

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