AVB Done …So Say The Spanish

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Good afternoon. 

The headline we all wanted. Well, all of us with the obvious exception of those who have already decided he’s useless.

The source is ordinarily excellent, which is the Spanish edition of TuttermercatoWeb who are claiming that he has signed, but the legal obligation in his exit agreement with the blue racists whereby AVB can’t practice his famed knee bends until next month.

André Villas-Boas and is Tottenham, although the official announcement is not until July. 

The agreement between the Portuguese and the London club is complete, the contract is signed but can not be made public until July to Villas-Boas did not fail to perceive economic quantities has agreed with Chelsea for his dismissal, which includes not lead to any equipment until 30 June.

Villas-Boas is committed for three years, takes one and half million pounds net and general manager will not only exercise coaching field.

My thanks to the most excellent @IndoSpurs for pointing this out to me!

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