Does Arry Redschnapps Need Psychiatric Help?

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Good evening. 

I’m serious. Looking around the Net since his inexplicable ‘interview’ on Sky late this afternoon and I now want to voice concern over his mental state. 

When he was managing us at full steam, 8 points from 2 games and all that jazz well, yes he did wheel out plenty of ‘triffics’ and ‘for sures’ but it was little more than anyone with a bit of character having perfectly normal idiosyncrasies.

I’m not for a moment suggesting a man frequently using the same phrases and a similar style of speaking is an indication of mental fragility. But based upon this afternoon, some people must be asking questions.

‘Has he told Sandra he got the bullet?’ ‘Does he realise that this stuff is being shared with lots of people who haven’t been sectioned under the Mental Health Act?’

I get that people who aren’t in a job in football tend to float about. That’s quite normal. You’ll get Alan Curbishly pop up as a pundit on the telly. Maybe hear Phil Brown’s silky tones on the radiogramme. You may well have had Ian Dowie knock on your door of an afternoon, offering to tarmac your drive. 

But since the England fiasco Arry has emerged as a real life Walter Mitty. The FA spent 80% of their press conference unveiling of Hodgson underlining endlessly that he was the only person they considered, contacted and interviewed. 

Arry appeared blissfully unaware of the fact that no news primarily means, there is no news. If the phone doesn’t ring, this is not necessarily an indicator that the National Lottery people are still arduously trying to calculate the precise enormity of your win. The phone not ringing is an indication that all that you can be truly certain of is that it hasn’t rung. 

And as the dark days of Arry losing his grip on his responsibilities (you know, day to day coaching of the team, that sort of thing) began to grip THFC by the jugular it now seems suspiciously like that he was simultaneously losing his hold on reality.

I said to the chairman “can you get me Carlos Tevez?”

The funny thing was my mobile had like an ansaphone thing on it and they never told me. It was chock-a-block, apparently.

We looked at Suarez. He was a player who we  probably should have taken, looking back on it. We just weren’t sure.

I wanted to back in oranges at half time, you can’t do it these days, health and safety I suppose.

I actually tried to sign him for Tottenham before he went to Manchester City.

We was close to signing Christiano Ronaldo last year but Bondy only left his pen back at the hotel.

And the terrifying thing is that I only made 50% of the quotes up.

So on a serious note, when someone has reached a point where they predisposed to doing or saying insane things, almost as a default setting, then it is down to the rest of us to try and do the the right thing.  

You do not offer Paul Gascoigne a drink.  Sky and you too talkSPORT please, think about what you’re doing and don’t …offer Arry a microphone.

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  • onedavemackay says:

    Harry was our best manager for at least 20 years and during his stay he frequently mouthed off. I found it entertaining then and I find it entertaining now in fact I wish there were more people in football as funny as Harry Redknapp and I will miss his post match stand up.

    • emspurs says:

      The problem, as I see it, was that half the comedy was unwitting and most of the time the joke was on us.

  • Tim Demorais says:

    I dont think that there is a shrink anywhere in the world that would take him on. Hes beyond help. Walter Mitty with a twitch. If Sky had any sense they would do a documentary on him. There are several hours of interviews on tape that would have us all in stitches until we cry and at the same time teach all those that cant keep their mouths shut when they should a lesson on media utilisation.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Chillingly accurate.

    • Dessyspur says:

      Trifffic for sure, Im ready for a new challenge hes out of my system now

    • Tony says:

      Wonderful parting gift from ‘Arry effectively telling Uncle Woy he has the tools to win the World Cup, and AVB should now win the Prem, the Champions League and the Inter-Galactic Championship against Andromeda All Stars with MY TEAM. Nice one ‘Arry

  • kenny powers says:

    I bet he still gets bondy to pick him up at 5 in the morning to drive down to the training ground ala Michael Douglas in falling down or ken Livingstone when he was first voted out and Boris said he kept hanging oround city hall !!!!!!
    Levy might regret saying harry will allways be welcome at the lane lol.!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr Pamplemouse says:

    Twelve months time is the new manager going to have got us into a better position than we ended the league this time round?

  • Jim says:

    does anyone recall AVB’s press conferences from last season? thats mental help issues. If people that didnt know about football only came on this forum to guage an opinion on how Redknapp did for Spurs then you would have thought that he had got us relegated.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      You’re right Jim on the bile masquerading the achievements. Of course you are.

      On AVB, I think his pressers displayed dreadful naivety. He was doing three of four a week and answering in endless detail.

      Hopefully Levy & Co will tell him, ‘we’ll handle most of that. Why don’t we let your number two do the mundane stuff?’

    • john says:

      i couldnt care less if he bursts into song at the post match interview as long as he gets results on the pitch

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