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Good evening viewers.

It’s that man again. So what fit of vitriol has the slack jawed imbecile induced now, I hear you ask? Well, I’m going to be relatively brief and I sincerely pray that Levy & Co. adopt a similar strategy when dealing with this two bob schmuck.

I was insistent that Redschnapps perjured himself by telling the Court that the was a fantastic football manager, but it now emerges he’s also guilty of failing to disclose all about his academic limitations. “I write like a two-year-old and I can’t spell,” was  the line you’ll recall.

He ought to have admitted that he doesn’t have an altogether wonderful grasp of understanding, ‘how numbers work’ either.

“I think it’s overrated what people say about Champions League football and whatever” 

Let me be the first perhaps to explain to Arry why this is conclusion of a complete  and utter retard and not someone we ought to have anywhere near our football club.

Perhaps there are those reading to understand the complete ins and outs of THFC. I do not profess to be an expert. But, what I do get every year is a rather nice email that’s terribly easy to read from the good and wise people at Deloitte. In fact the most recent arrived I think last Friday.

The beauty of this information is that it is presented in manner …well as if they knew that a twit like me – a financial layperson if you will – would need to be able to understand it.

I will attach some hyperlinks to documents that give you the guts, but in a very broad brush stroke, the difference participation in the Champions League tournament makes to a football club’s books is millions.

In 2008/09 our total revenues were £132.7m.

In 2009/10 our total revenues were £146.3m

In 2010/11 our total revenues were £181m.

Deloitte believe that the most recent UEFA distribution monies were worth £28.1m. But this isn’t the whole story, there is a cumulative thing that tales place here. You sell more regular match-day seats, you shift more merchandise as a result of the feel good factor. People get happy at many different tills as direct result.

You want to debate or perhaps don’t understand any of this, Arry? Well last week, the club’s online shop was outing Champions League mugs at a nicker a piece that were previously retailing a £5.99 each. Financial repercussions made easy. Even for thick chancers like you, Arry.

Here’s the latest Deloitte info graphic, I’d embed it but the blog is too small so I link to it here

In a nutshell, whatever allegations may have been hurled at him, this is staggering quote from his own lips is surely the last nail. We’ve had the ‘they’re punching above their weight’ garbage. Which was greeted by anyone witha shred of self respect with complete contempt.

He didn’t give a flying flip flop about Tottenham or his wretched contract when he thought the Engerlund job was nailed on. And now we get this is embarrassing piffle.

Can you imagine any football chairman in the world reading, “I think it’s overrated what people say about Champions League football and whatever”  without laughing? Nobody in their right mind…

Please, let’s get this pilchard out and make next season one to remember for all the right reasons. Jesus wept.

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  • hekko says:

    Just because Harry is not an academic and not very literate does not mean he’s an idiot. He is quite obviously an excellent football man and works very hard. You don’t have to be a genius to succeed in football.

    His methods with the media may also be quite simple but these super smart journalists always put what he says down and it’s always a title: ‘Harry not interested in Bassong/Defoe/Crouch’…etc. More often that not they write this as opposed to just saying ‘Once again Harry is claiming not to be interested in a player when he quite clearly is’.

    Also, obviously he was not saying ‘I think the financial benefits of being in the Champions League are overrated.’ Many football pundits think it is overrated and that people shouldn’t put more emphasis on coming fourth instead of say winning cups.

    I like your stuff ‘Arry but this one was a bit OTT. Perhaps blowing what he said a little out of proportion as you are not so keen on him.

    Kind of want Harry even more now!

    Which Harry am I talking about… ooooh.

    COYS.. Remy, Vertongen + Ade.. my new fave.

  • Stubarney says:

    The most funniest comment our esteemed leader dribbled from his mouth was after the final game of the season “to all the Spurs fans, I love you”!!! I almost threw up when I heard it!!

    So bored of all this now, which is a shame. I can’t afford to go to many games next season due to my lovely son being born and thus being short of dough. I shall follow Spursbut will stop listening to Bet Fair’s new waste of money (they mentioned they would have his superior tactical knowledge to share for the Euros, lol!).

    I have a funny feeling he will be in the dugout for the first game next season. Hopefully Levy will have in his contract that he relinquishes his Sun column and is only allowed to communicate to the media through the press officer.

    God help us!

    Have a good summer everyone!

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