Some Small But Interesting Things *That’s What She Said*

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Good afternoon.

Here is what I have and I’ll leave you good and wise people to pick the bones out of it. I took a speculative punt (is there any other) on some information from a chap on Facebook recently that came via our man in the field …Seattle Spurs Guy. 

Since then the boy hotspurs magic it is alleged by the owner that that  his pages membership was boosted by some 500%. Well, I liked not only what I read but the distinctly decent way in which the information was presented. No ‘look at me’, no riddles just what the man had.

Since then this chap has been in touch privately and I have to say it appears even more kosher.

  • Arry was fired by Levy & Co but it was ENIC that pulled the trigger
  • Levy & Co were sick to back teeth with Arry and any hesitation was dispelled by a rare but considerable influence from above.
  • Modric’s departure is subject to all the usual bumflufferies 100% to Real Madrid. Levy & Co’s ‘straight bat’ to the Blue Russians worked a treat. 

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  • Cheeky Bill says:

    I take it ENIC = Joe Lewis.

    Modders off to Real is good business for a number of reasons.

    Curious as to why Harry management to upset ENIC.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      The suggestion is that Arry acting like a chimp, hanging out of his car window didn’t impress people at the very top :-|

      • Gilzeanwasgod says:

        Quite. Both Messrs Lewis and Levy like to conduct their business very much in private. Arry’s public airing of the Tottenham washing at every opportunity would have really got up their noses and I really do feel they had just had a belly full.
        (Sorry lots of mixed anatomical metaphors there)

        • Deschamps + DOF is my bet says:

          Quite apart from his insistence in always calling us “them” rather than “us”. This shows how much of a cad the man really was…

      • Cheeky Bill says:

        Acting like a chimp would probably do it. I can how Lewis and Levy would astonished by HR appointing himself their official spokesperson.

        When you’re trying to run a multi-million pound global brand you cant have people leaning out of car windows going off message.

      • MarseilleYid says:

        Didn’t he use to do this at his previous clubs, or did he only start doing that here? I mean, they should have known what they were letting themselves in for, shouldn’t they?

    • nelsonmanboona says:

      or the failure to get champions league place (despite having a 10 point gap) meaning tottenham aren’t as financially independent

    • Habib says:

      Cause he’s a self-centred disloyal cunt who blew the best chance in recent memory we had to not only finish above our bitter rivals but also relegate them to the Europa league without Champion’s league money causing them not only monetary pain but the inability to get good players, thus leading to virtuous cycle of self destruction that would have sustained us for a decade.

      Fuck him.

  • Yido123 says:

    Great news that Modric is about to leave. Only hope we can get Sahin to come the other way as his furious rivalry with Podolski and obvious quality in MF can only be good for the club.

    • LLL says:

      Great news? :unsure:

    • essexian76 says:

      And on the planet Zog!…how on earth can losing our best player be great news?

      • Phil McAvity says:

        Because we’ll get lots of money for him. Let’s glaze over the fact that any replacement will probably be heavily over priced as the selling club know we’ve got a lot of wedge from the Modders sale!!

        • essexian76 says:

          That’s the trouble with you Phil-you think too much-try focusing only on his facial features next time, there’s a love ;-)

        • Phil McAvity says:

          Sorry Essex, what I meant to say was its great news we’re selling him because he’s got a big nose!

        • essexian76 says:

          and is Roland’s stand- ;-) in don’t forget

      • Deschamps + DOF is my bet says:

        Best player??? Did you see him play since Charlie left after Xmas?? Way too sensitive, bit of a girl really – and his shooting?? Partly his fault we didnt make CL – this “rat boy is our best player” shit doesnt wash with me…

  • spurstough says:

    Opaque my man, most definitly opaque!

  • Sid Trotter says:

    Hmm but did he mention my haemoroids – bet he bloody didn’t. If ENIC sacked Harry then why didn’t he get a receipt? if Harry slept with Modric, why didn’t Sandra find out. If Sandro is so good why doesn’t he play cricket too? if Cricket is all about getting those that are out in, and those that are in, out? why dont they play Hokey Cokey at any macthes?

  • jim says:

    good news all round about modric. Now those poll results, 2 out of every 3 spurs fans don’t want avb. Please dont do it DL, the bloke is a clown.

    • Habib says:

      They all say that till he comes in and wins ten in a row

      • `rich g says:

        nearly lost 10 in a row with a better squad

        • Habib says:

          Nah mate. That squad is massive ego’d personalities who cant sublet themselves to a system. AVB thrives in putting the right player in the right position. With the heart beat of our team Modric going the time is to get someone who wins by playing the right kind of player in the right position. We have to punch above our weight and a system that works with the right players in it is the only way we can. It’s our only chance.

    • cookiebun says:

      Thought I was alone on that one. I want David Moyes or Martinez, they both have EPL experience and Moyes has a lot of experience, tact and honesty.

      • LLL says:

        The people who want AVB are either wide-eyed optimists or fickle, feckless fcukwits.

        His CV isn’t worth writing on the back of a chip bag. And he’s a Premier League Failure par excellence. His performance last season made Alex McCleish look competent.

        But… Nice raincoat? Sexy trim beard? Didn’t ever understand what he’s talking about = must be very clever? Yes! Yes! Yes!

      • shelfside78 says:

        so did Harry…well maybe not the tact part

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