Buckled Like The Wheel On A Small Child’s Pushbike

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Good morning comrades.

Citizen Modric has returned to training. The only minor issue being that he’s doing his in a different country to the rest of the first team squad. According to the OS, the Croatian Crackerhead was at The Lodge yesterday.

‘The player is under club discipline. The chairman feels the way he has behaved is not common, professional behaviour. 

This was without question prompted by the cold hard cash haemorrhaging from his salary and without being over-dramatic it’s time to face facts and the little fella is now dead to us.

This is Berbatov Part2. 

‘We’ve been open with him, saying we are ready to listen to offers for him, which is uncommon.

It’s difficult to put a cigarette paper between this situation and that of the Bulgarian. The core difference is that unlike Slur Alex’s gentle massaging of the press, we’ve yet to really have any comment from The Special One.

‘He’s had a lot of interest in him before but he has behaved very professionally. This is the first time he has acted like this. We don’t know what sort of advice he is receiving.

I can tell you one thing. This  era of players going on strike will be a short one. The next generation of footballer contracts won’t be as naive. No play, no pay. 

Modric has buckled; it is absolutely vital that the club crush his dreams of manipulating this situation further. Spurs are under no obligation to sell at any price. Spurs are under no obligation to be held to ransom.  

The obvious issue is how long Spurs can afford to have £30m+ worth of ‘stock’ sitting in the warehouse?

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  • danny says:

    I think we (spurs fans) should be careful not to overdo the Modric hate. I agree his conduct has been poor but what happens if the money fails to materialise? We will have to get our heads round welcoming Modric back into the team as City had to with Tevez. Those fans swallowed pride for the greater good. We may have to do the same. Lets not burn bridges just yet?

  • SpudGun says:

    My sources tell me that we are closer to moutinho then some might think… We have also been tapping up a world class striker since the end of the season.

    Dont be surprised if our Qatar money has a big part to play before the start of the season.

    This is a “source” at the end of the day… make of it what you want!

  • Starsky says:

    Huddlestone is a much better passer and as long as we keep him in headphones and donuts he wont strike out on us. Long live the Huddlefro. (well actually, short live it, we want piledriver goals galore)

  • Paynotron says:

    Not only to I love the stance they’re taking here, but I really love the way AVB is putting it across. Can you imagine ‘Arry trying to get his head round this and explain it as well as the Ginja Ninja has? Eloquent, reasonable, firm, decisive… I may have a slight crush developing.

    It’s putting the media in a tight spot too – they have no choice but to side with us.

    COYS etc.

  • mikki says:

    Have Real Madrid made an official offer yet, have we actually turned down any offers apart from the £22 million from Man Utd?

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