Exclusive Picture: What Was Daniel Levy Discussing Here Then?

Image for Exclusive Picture: What Was Daniel Levy Discussing Here Then?

Good evening.

Despite trying to take a what I had hoped was a thoughtful approach on the Charlie Adam business the abysmal contributions from Liverpool fans frankly ranged from mind numbing to migraine inducing. 

So let’s make like Madonna and get back into the groove with a good old fashioned caption competition. 

First prize is a fortnight in David Sullivan’s cellar, second prize a weekend and so on. 

  • Funniest caption suggestion wins the major prize.
  • HH’s decision is final. No cash alternatives.
  • Your home may be at risk if you go out and leave all the doors and windows open.
  • Lines close at midnight tonight although if I can connive some way of charging you afterwards, rest assured I will.

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