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Good evening viewers.

Day one at the John Terry trial. And may I take this opportunity to share a sterling tip for any budding racists in the house.

According to George Carter-Stephenson QC, you can call someone a naffing black cnut providing you maintain you are only sarcastically repeating words that someone wrongly thought you had previously used, ‘in response to goading rather than by way of exaggerated and instant querying of a perceived false allegation. ‘  

Thank God that’s what was going on. For a few fleeting moments me and the rest of entire world thought that the Blues’ skip was being accused of doing something despicable. Let us pray that justice prevails and this pillar of the sporting community isn’t savaged by an unthinking judge who could cripple Mr Terry’s finances with a fine of up to £2500, let alone his robust reputation.

In more important news, I am told that Milos Krasic will be arriving in N17 for talks towards the latter part of this week. In fact on Thursday*. 

Krasic was earlier this window linked with Liverpool but as will be come painfully apparent to the whining gits come August they aren’t able to offer any of their targets anywhere near what they need. All enquiries about that particular kettle of fish c/o Mssrs Comilli & Dalglish.

To add a little background heat to your supper this evening is this quite priceless piece of  additional information about Loic Remy. You know, that bloke we were ‘in for’?

It is suggested to me that Arry Redschnapps met with the player without the consent or remote knowledge of either Spurs or Marseille. More as I get it, my dears.

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  • Finn says:

    Just looked at the video, perhaps he’s in London for the Olympic Diving event!

    Not impressed; short clips showing nothing, he misses a few of those sitters but the film stops before you see the ball going over the bar. He can run with the ball which is handy but what does he do with it after each clip finishes?

    He’s clearly a cheat: not my cup of tea at all!

    • skankehmonkeh says:

      I agree, Youtube videos could make me look amazing and this was particularly underwhelming to me. Hope we steer clear, or that I’m wrong.

  • elfranklins says:

    Morning Harry.
    On a totally different note I thought you might like to know this. Mya margery has three nipples….But other than that a friend of mine works at Spurs on the junior coaching staff and said of AVB that he turned up on his first day and shook the hand of every one, from the grounds staff to the tea lady and the cleaners(my mate included who unfortunatley is a gooner, but fortunatley has to wear a Spurs track suit every day, which tickles me some what)
    Doesn’t sound much like the reports of a self obsessed egotist who has no time for no one but his own reflectionn – Lampard, Terry – your’re just old and bitter me thinks.

  • Woody Green says:

    I keep reading that Modric is “off”/has “negotiated terms” etc. Yet Levy has stated (as last summer)that we won’t be selling our best players. Modric is now PL savvy – he makes this team tick. So why sell him – tough luck if he wants to go to Madrid – and replace with a Moutinho – who may not hack it in a faster more physical league (Deco?).

    • Nobody knows if AVB has yet had a conversation with Modric.
      This is a key point.
      As far as Levy goes I would imagine if Modric is still unhappy now,that he would grab the 30-35 mil
      and buy Moutinho for 20 mil and that gets us a goalkeeper for free.
      and we still have money for a striker.

      • Minionas says:

        I didn’t think Mods handed in a transfer request. I also thought a player agreeing terms without their clubs permission was “tapping up”. This leads me to think that it’s a massive load of BS.

      • melcyid says:

        aVB had a conversation with ratboy on bramabitchs boat pre last season ,He said he wanted to play foe AVB . be careful what you wish for. tee he

  • Urbane Sturgeon says:

    I suppose we should expect to see our best targets picked off by higher wage paying CL clubs and then see who we’re left with. But as for Real trying to ‘sweeten the deal’ for Modric by offering 34 year old carvalho…….

    HA HA HA HA HA……

    These online journos should take better drugs.

  • nobby nobbs says:

    If you call someone a cahnt you are insulting them. If you call them a black cahnt the implicaion is that their blackness has contributed to cahntish behaviour.
    That is racist.
    My old man is 84yrs old and was profoundly racist as a younger man. i remember explaining the above to to him over Sunday dinner ie there are some horrible black people but it is because they are horrible not because they are black (apply any colour gender sexuality etc).
    I watched the penny drop then his jaw. It was as if I had told him there was no more Guiness….. ever.Shellshocked.

    • Razspur says:

      Guineas are 22ct gold and have been out of General circulation since 1813. If you have any I’m offering book F value.

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