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Good afternoon.

Gareth Bale’s in the public eye. Not for his ear adjustment, rather the fact that he swerved playing football in the Olympics for Team GB. Sepp Blatter wants the Welsh wizard banned. Nice work Sepp.

With all the corpulent corruption that exists in the modern… oh hang on, you’ve been on the take since ’88 so the route of this is almost certainly down to trying to some elaborate five star junket this summer…

 “If a club does not release a player then this association can come to FIFA and we will then ban this player during the Olympics.

“So far nobody has come to us but it is a possibility we could ban these players if they are not at the disposal of the national team.”

Bale is quoted as saying:

“My rehab’s gone very well at the club. We are well ahead of schedule and I am glad to be back.”

Gary Lineker tweeted:

“Once in a lifetime opportunity thrown away. Baffled.”

Well Gary, maybe he’s actually interested in taking part in something useful like a  preseason with a team that are part of the real world – opposed to some public school boy, London centric w@ankfest.

Not everyone is basking in the glow of the spirit of the games.  The majority of people see The Games exactly for what they are; an over hyped, over priced hotch potch of minority sports that nobody really cares about. 

Elsewhere Gomes has been opening his heart to The Sun. I say opening his heart but anyone with half a brain could have guessed what he had to say. Arry was a poor communicator, froze out a player who’s form dipped rather than addressed issues and cost the club millions by refusing to sell the player on. What a blessing that parasite was eventually binned.

After watching some highlights on ESPN I see that some some proclaimed tactical geniuses are already declaring themselves not only experts but severe critics on the Andrè Villas-Boas ‘high line.’ 

I’ll keep this brief. 

One, if you could discern or deduce anything from watching what’s occurred out there so far please forward me a mailing address because I want to send you a special shiny medal (not one of the normal ones).

And two, if you are worried about the implementation of a high line after three seasons of applauding A&E and Walker playing as out and out wingers then you know more about oven chips than you do about football.

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  • Totspurs says:

    WGAFF I dont

  • BrisbaneLillyWhite says:

    I actually watched the entirety of the LA Galaxy friendly and yes we looked shakey at the back. So what? Its a pre-season. The entire point of these pre-season games is to identify areas of weakness. Its also meant to bring up the match fitness of the squad which I admit was an area the boys were lacking in and also what I attribute the shakey back line to. Think we’ll be fine come the start of the season. It was great to see Dawson on the field again. He looked solid.

    • BrisbaneLillyWhite says:

      Oh and Blatter is a moron. Credit to Pearce for coming out so quickly to say there’d be no complaint. That’s the difference between people who understand football and those that don’t.

    • The Tottinghams says:

      Dawson looked great and most of them still need to get match sharp. Some were plain awful though:
      Cudicini needs to go now!
      Jenas disappeared as usual,
      Huddlestone looked chubby,
      Livermore seemed like an amateur,
      Defoe has totally lost his mojo.

      Signings please

  • Steveo1987 says:

    A crime against humanity. He should be strung up by his ears..

    • TonguesTooShortToFelchWithGod says:

      Actually seems to have had his ears pinned back by a plastic surgeon – which may be why he was unable to attend.

  • Bob says:

    Bale thing is media bollox. He would have gone to the Olympics if they thought he could make a meaningful contribution. Pearce’s ignoring fanny blatter’s drivel is testament to that.
    The high line is not the issue for me. I have no doubt a back four of bae, kaboul, Vertongen, and walker will have no problems. I worry about Dawson not having the speed or calmness required to deal with a ball over the top. Can’t understand him as captain either if that rumour is true. He wouldn’t make my first 11.

    • moe says:

      Is fanny blatter an STD?
      HH – very relieved to see the oven chips in question are of the crinkle cut variety.
      Straight cut, or even worse those skinny french fries just don`t make the grade.

  • Hartley says:

    Those chips look very nice, I ordered a Burger and chips for Lunch yesterday whilst visiting York. The burger was fine but the chips were the worst I have seen since the early 70’s……Oh and Sepp Blatter is a complete cnut..

    • Minionas says:

      Blatter is an out of touch very old man.
      Lineker should know about throwing away chances of a lifetime. World Cup Post Bottle.
      And I for one would be delighted with a higher line. I sat there thinking it myself last season, it’s not as if we haven’t got the pace to cover it. I like soggy fat chips!

      • Hartley says:

        Agree with all points Jimlad… apart from the soggy fat chips…crispy, thin and salty for me :daumen:

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