We Got Gylfi!

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Good afternoon.

Like buses Tottenham deals. Nothing for an age and then two turn up at once. As do sources. This from 

 You can expect announcement of his signing to Spurs tomorrow or last by Friday. 90% done according to Icelandic sources.

Great to see that Spurs did lose out here on some daft detail or other. Blimey,  a proactive Tottenham. Whatever next I wonder  ;-)

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  • glorydaystocome says:

    Gr8 news if true and from under the “red” nose of L-pool.


  • TimmyThompson says:

    that is great news

  • jmd says:

    Let’s all forget what’s gone now. Time to back AVB to the hilt. COYS!

  • Gaz says:

    Yes..great news… Cmon AVB and COYS……CMON

  • DaveK says:

    So, the new John Bostock has arrived, may have arrived, might arrive by next Friday. I cannot understand the excitement over such an unproven player…now Oscar, that would be good.

    • JimmyT says:

      So, just to clarify, a player who has proven his worth in the premier league equates to a teenager who played well in half a dozen championship games?! And isn’t as exciting as a young man who’s played reasonably well in a South American league?! Just so I’m clear.

      (I should add that Oscar would be a great signing IMO but he’s hardly achieved what Gylfi has).

      • daz says:

        2nd that, what have you been smoking dave?

        • DaveK says:

          Sorry lads, a bit harsh maybe, but he played 18 games in the Prem last season and scored 7 goals.

          Last season he was unknown, this season teams will know him. If he can continue with the same stats this season then great and I wish him all the best, but I can’t get excited about him, nor for that matter Moutinho who I don’t think will be coming anyway because of his release clause price and Porto are in the CL anyway.

          Remy is another link that doesn’t do it for me.. but Oscar fires my imagination. Unfortunately, I think he will go to a bigger European club.

          I guess it all comes down to who AVB needs to fit his system of play and maybe some unsung heroes will surprise us all.

          The reference to Bostock was just that I remember all the hype about him when he signed…he should be our own Lionel Messi by now, but sadly not.

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