What Is Adebayor Signing In This Picture?

Good evening.

This from Manu’s Facebook page. But what can we deduce from this prima facie evidence?

Well, the envelope beneath the paperwork has a self seal strip. The pen is perhaps a sinister shade of blue. The furniture appears to be from Fat Malcolm’s Leather Wonderland (Junction 23 off the A12). And that there is some cable trunking running along the skirting board.

Good Day to All! Very soon I will reveal the name of my Future Club. ! BLESS! – Manu.

  • Funniest caption suggestion wins a major prize.
  • Judges decision is final. No cash alternatives.
  • Your home may be at risk if you go out and leave all the doors and windows open.
  • Lines close at midnight tonight although if I can connive some way of charging you afterwards, rest assured I will.


  1. Hopefully it is an enrolment form for a four week intensive course on How to Control a Football with Just One Touch.

  2. Ade is writing his first song entitled..
    “Money Makes my Pen go up and down” :D

  3. I don’t know, but I’m beginning to wonder if we are going to witness a live execution on this site.

      1. That doesn’t actually mean anything in proper French. Please remind/enlighten me HH.

        1. Its a French culinary term… like horses duvers only posher…
          Ade’s actually signing the sanity clause..
          …Luka no like sanity clause, no believe in sanity clause…

      2. Check that. Didn’t they fly to the US today HH? In which case if he has signed, why is it not announced? All very odd.

        1. Adebayor is in the states.
          I don’t know what he had for breakfast.

          Why don’t you write to your MP?

        2. Because the plan was to keep it all a huge secret from you…. Guess that’s not happening now is it… :cwy:

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