What Is Adebayor Signing In This Picture?

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Good evening.

This from Manu’s Facebook page. But what can we deduce from this prima facie evidence?

Well, the envelope beneath the paperwork has a self seal strip. The pen is perhaps a sinister shade of blue. The furniture appears to be from Fat Malcolm’s Leather Wonderland (Junction 23 off the A12). And that there is some cable trunking running along the skirting board.

Good Day to All! Very soon I will reveal the name of my Future Club. ! BLESS! – Manu.

  • Funniest caption suggestion wins a major prize.
  • Judges decision is final. No cash alternatives.
  • Your home may be at risk if you go out and leave all the doors and windows open.
  • Lines close at midnight tonight although if I can connive some way of charging you afterwards, rest assured I will.

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  • TMWNN says:

    Berbatov can fuck right off. We’ve still got one rat faced sulk on the books, we don’t need another one coming back.

  • If he did come back,that sentiment would last about 3 minutes or not.
    If he came back the only consideration would be if he made a difference or not.
    He has the capability and more talent than most players in the whole league.
    Although I dint agree with Modric and Berbas handling of their situations,i do believe they both would have stayed had they seen light at the end of the tunnel at Tottenham.
    I dont think it was just about the money.
    Modric was gone (in his head) a while ago.Berba would have stayed but again championships didnt look too promising.
    Its still a business.For the owner,the manager and the players too.
    For the fans its not a business.

    • Boy Charioteer says:

      Are we going to be in the same situation with Modric in a few years time after his arse occupying the bench at Real Madrid or whoever is t**t enough to by him. Maybe if he gave more last season he would be in The Champions League. Maybe players who didn’t actually qualify for the Champions League should be barred for one season from playing in it. Daft I know, impossible to implement etc. But after not seeing Ledley play again I don’t care about Modric or Berbatov. I don’t care if I never see them again.

      • We do not know where the club is at right now with really how much money is available.
        We need a striker or maybe two more.
        We may need to sell Modric to buy one.I dont know.But we will need also to replace him.
        So we have to talk in relative terms.IT means if we have 60 million to spend then yes lets buy a 35 million striker and a 25 million replacement.
        If we dont and just have the money from Modric then to get one good midfielder for lets say 25 million will give us 5 or 10 million for a striker or vice versa.
        Then Berbatov for me becomes a great buy.

        • Finn says:

          Berbatov would be an absolutely awful buy….he’s priced at 5 million because he’s barely worth 3 million. The smoking Bulgar is washed up and on his way out and if Fergie don’t want him then there’s nothing there for us either.

          Add his history and behavioural weakness and why would anyone in their right mind think he’ll add anything to the squad we have.

        • Boy Charioteer says:

          Everything you say is true from a pragmatic viewpoint. I find it very difficult to feel any empathy for players whose heart isn’t in our club. I guess in that respect Ledley is an almost impossible act to follow. I remember Berbatov cavorting around in glee after scoring against us at Old Trafford when we were playing Man.U plus Howard Webb. Seeing him in a Spurs shirt again might be just too much too take. Just business I guess.

        • BC ‘Just the business’ Yes its just the business.
          Ledley King was fantastic but generally all these geezers that kiss the badge its all show at worse and in the moment at best.

          Finn,I understand the sentiment but believe me if he did play well and he can,allwill be forgiven IN 5 MINUTES.

          Idealism and Footie died about 50 years ago.

  • Spurlative says:

    Adebayor released this photo of him filling in his unemployment claims forms’

  • kingdingaling says:

    Ok, So im getting this right, there’s £200 million in a trust fund in Nigeria, and i sign this and pay you the £5million im demanding from Spurs to get it out ??? Ok, sounds like a win win, for me….

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