Adebayor’s Pulling A Fast One

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Good evening. 

Gregg Stobart is a correspondent for and as has been highlighted on the COYS forum earlier today, there are some interesting interesting suggestions by him in relation to this transfer saga via Stobart’s Twitter account, @gstobart.

The situation was relatively straightforward. Adebayor and City have a contract whereby he is due (let’s say) £175k a week. 

So if somebody else wants to take him the player has a choice to either take a pay cut (if City are willing to sell him) or for City to subsidise his salary, the latter happened while he was loaned to Spurs.

It was said by a few (yes, including me) that he had signed. He’d agreed terms with Spurs and this was communicated to City. City agreed to continue to subsidise him in order to lessen their load for a player that wasn’t ever going to kick a ball for them again. 

So at this point, Adebayor is all set to formally join Spurs.

Then we  get this line about Adebayor not wanting his charity to suffer. But his charity wouldn’t beacause he’d be in receipt of the same monies that he was at City and while on loan, the partially subsidised £175,000 a week.

Stobart claims that Adebayor has now announced that he wants the £4M transfer fee which was set to pass from Spurs to Manchester City …to instead be handed …directly to him. 

Which would in effect result in Manchester City letting him go ‘on a free’.

I understand that footballers want to keep their financial affairs low key as not everyone ‘admires’ the vast amounts of cold hard cash that they earn in return for kicking a ball about. 

But given that so many elements of this tale are in the public domain, now is the time for Adebayor to – as they say in certain parts of the North of England – shat or get off the pot. He should step out of the shadows and make a statement and put the record straight.

The Spurs end of this were sewn up a good few weeks ago. City hummed and harred but decided  as I say to cut their losses.

I believe that Stobart could well have got the goods on Ade here. If so, this ‘playing the charity card’ stunt is in poor taste.

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  • AllWhiteMark says:

    Too much emotion here lets step back. AVB has hinted hes moving on from the ade saga, even if we get him he wont be match fit. JD is our only playable striker, but he cant do ades role. Forget world class strikers coming to whl it just wont happen without cl football. We are really looking at 10 mil players, more if filthy luka goes through. But those talking Brazil are bonkers. We need a partner for jd urgently, preferably somebody who can play lone as well in case jd only works as super sub. Carrol could work. Sturridge could work. Jd might even find starting form feeding off Carrol. Sturridge would be a good buy at 10 mil. At 22 he has pace and hunger and can play central or wide, he has looked good in olympics. Id rather strikers used to pl than some foreigners who have scored only 10/12 goals in their leagues. I reckon both carrol and sturridge would prosper given the chances spurs now create. To those who whine jd or sturridge are selfish or greedy, well theyd take that as a compliment. Ade did okay and he adds something to the team, but playing in that incredibly creative spurs team last season he underachieved. Jd scored more goals from open play in less minutes and from far less chances, FACT. Comparing ades record with berbatov is just plain daft and taking stats too far, just compare the players supporting the strikers in those 2 years, and count the number of chances each respective striker had. forget ade and move on fast, be realistic about who will come to a el team. Appreciate jd or lose him too, then youll know the meaning of a toothless tiger.

    • TMWNN says:

      Defoe is wank, mate. The sooner you realise it, the better. You’d rather strikers used to the PL? Who, realistically? A decent striker should adapt to the PL if he’s any good. How long did Dogba take?

  • Steveo1987 says:

    Defoe and Carrol. Carrol !!! Let’s save some cash and get Crouch back instead. ffs!!

    • 39 39 39 says:

      Maybe Defoe will find a high line defence more useful,might suit his style better?
      I have decided not to write him off just yet. :-|

  • dutchman says:

    “Whatever the truth is, someone needs to do a Redschnapps, lean out of a car window and tell people the truth”
    Brilliant stuff, H!

    It’s been said before in comments above, but Ade’s nothing but the player equivalent of DL in this situation..
    Very good player, lots of people on here clearly don’t seem to recognise all other good stuff (besides scoring) the guy did for us on the pitch last season.. honestly hope he stays!
    Need a GK, a clinical striker, and a replacement for the Croatian..

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Cheers mate and agree with everything else too!

    • I dissagree Dutchman about Ade. We have a lack of scoring coming from the box players.
      Ade is brilliant.He holds the ball up well.He can pick a pass well.He is cool.He is confidennt and he has presence.
      He has all that but what we need is a striker who can score because we have a plethora (gaggle,school,)of supply players and a ton of wingers but no strikers and the one striker who is tall and big wants to be a creative force.
      Great but scoring is what we need.
      If we had a Llorente or maybe even Rondon then we could afford a number 10 who can do all these iother things but we dont.

  • Urbane Sturgeon says:

    Maybe ade want’s the 4 mil for his African charity plans to make up for the losses it would incur through his wage cut.

    I noticed in the last post that it got all handbaggy regarding ‘old news’ posted on here.

    Strange, I’ve always seen Harry’s blog offerings as a way to avoid clicking on most of the Newsnow time waster sites. I just let Harry do the scouting so he can bring me titbits & laughs so I don’t have to bother feeding the click hungry hoards/whores at Newsnow. I always assumed that’s why most of us are on here.

    What’s wrong with people.

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