Bang Bang: Levy In Strong For Llorente

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Good evening.

Did you hear the one about the one hit Porto wonder, the Chelsea reject and the loss at Sid James Park? Stop me if you’ve heard it…

Tactically we were far, far superior. A solitary point after the Defoe goal would have been just fine. The penalty? Oh dear… a self inflicted wound.

Of course losing is rubbish. It stings like little else. But let’s keep some perspective. We’re capable of that ‘cos we is highly intelligent people. The transfer window has yet to shut. Balague is a damn decent source.

Player ratings, analysis to make your eyes bleed in the morning.

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  • Rupert says:

    Leandro? Presumably Damiao? No chance even on his own, the 2 and you’re a joker. More likely Ade next week, other 2 too rich for us

    • sheikh352 says:

      The President of Internacional said, today, no way are they going to sell Leandro. Reports also said that Juventus is ahead of us in the race for Llorente. We will be getting Adebayor when we – and he – run out of alternatives.

  • vin johb says:

    Not. A. Chance.

    Levy will not spend over 20mill on one player. Never has. He will put in a load of showy bids, think Rossi. Aguero, Forlan. And he’ll do it on the 31st of August and wonder why clubs don’t want to sell with 3 hours to replace. He’ll sell Modric too late to do anything and look for Frazier Campbell’s equivalent.

    The season started today Levy. Is it really worth shipping 6 points again just so you save 3 or 4 mill?

    In Levy we do not trust.

    Anyone says he’s 100% working on anything can be quiet. In January others did business, think Cisse and Jelavic with great results. We stand still. Best chance ever to get ahead of the goons and it will not happen because someone is more interested in haggling than running a successful football team ready to go when the season actually kicks off.

    • Neil says:

      spot on mate

      • Justin(SydenhamYid) says:

        Iv heard this said many times. I myself have been a proponent of this view for a while. However we are not privvy to the workings of the chairman, as far as I’m concerned is a problem because we never know what is really going on. Your point is obvious to more than just us, why is it that a seemingly highly intelligent man(levy) can’t? Maybe the simple truth is that he does but doesn’t really care????? Makes no sense to me but then I’m neither highly intelligent nor the chairman of a football club so what the f*ck would I know

    • LLL says:

      Yes. What you say is depressing but true.

  • Ollie says:

    played welll other than the two defensive mistakes only newcastle chances and we cant seem to find the net too much. Llorente will fix this problem with maybe mvilla or another deep lying playmaker like whats his name, also need a keeper who can kick a ball, we were stupid to sell robbo. Lloris would be good don’t know what his kicking like though. buy now before stadium starts and spend now because of ffp and we could build on these good experienced player with a few youngsters coming in every summer ever brought or through youth. try to build up carroll so he can handle it physically and we have a good player.

    • sheikh352 says:

      M’Vila is not coming and Robbo was shit against anything long range. Nice guy, though. Lloris has an apparent weakness in dealing with crosses. What happened to the Stekelenburg rumours?

      • Ollie says:

        most keepers struggle for crosses these days, its because young keepers are more technical and Lloris is still young and can learn. m’villa could still come as we did show interest and we could go back if no other options.

        • sheikh352 says:

          AVB himself said we are no longer interested in M’Vila because he is a defensive midfielder, of which we already have at least three, so I don’t think he’d buy him even if there were no other available options. There’s no point spending money unless it improves the squad. We need some creativity in the middle – think Badelj, Kovacic, etc. In an ideal world, we would play with only one DM, along with a CM and an AM. Yesterday, we had two DMs, no CM and one AM. For that reason (and the two early bookings) we looked a little anaemic in the middle of the park, so that the ball wasn’t getting out to Bale nearly often enough. Our failure to kill the opposition off, in the first half, was reminiscent of the latter part of last season…All style, no substance (a little bit like a Korean motor car, if truth be told.)

        • essexian76 says:


  • MarseilleYid says:

    Very encouraging performance. No luck with hitting the woodwork twice in the first half.

    Maybe it’s a point dropped, but Arsenal arguably dropped two.

    Feeling pretty positive about things overall.

  • Habib says:

    It won’t happen. Strikers of that quality are a rare breed and they know they will get the money for him in January when team or the other is in trouble and needs a high money fix. I would get Clint Dempsey and Ade.

    We played far better and more disciplined then when we drew 2-2 last season when our best players were on the pitch unlike today.

    Not starting with VDV I predicted but he has absolute blinders when he starts the season. He was a class above Siggy today.

    • sheikh352 says:

      Agree with everything you’ve said here, Habib. I believe we will get Ade and I suspect Clint Dempsey would come here at the price Levy would be prepared to pay. And why not? Experienced and successful Premier League player. We have to accept, on our budget, we are never going to have a forward line that reads like Rooney – Van Persie – Chicharito – Welbeck, or Aguero – Tevez – Balotelli – Dzeko – but we can certainly squeeze more value out of the players we CAN afford, by making the fight for places in the team more competitive.

    • Michelle says:

      Yes rare like ba & Cisse & Kichu & Tone…WTF do we have scouts for? hassling barmaids?

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