Moutinho Tale Takes An Interesting Twist

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Good afternoon.

The name of João Filipe Iria Santos Moutinho has been doing the rounds for a while now. I think the most conventional report was in the Daily Star suggesting that a bid from the Tottinghams of some £20M had been lodged.

Just on the money side of things, the player comes with a history one could at best described as a near unfathomable mess. Try this quote from his Wiki page for size:

‘On 3 August 2011, Porto partnered with Soccer Invest Fund to buy back 37.5% of Moutinho’s economic rights. The private investment fund acquired 15% after the overall transactions, while Porto recouped 22.5% for €4 million.’

Anyway Pedro Pinto has Tweeted on the matter of the player joining Spurs (see below).

Pedro’s credentials/Wiki blurb is this: Pedro Pinto started his career with Caderno Diário where he was a sports anchor and editor for the Rádio Televisão Portuguesa show. Pinto used to anchor the program World Sports in CNN between 1998 and 2003, in Atlanta, Georgia. Back in Portugal he anchored the program Últimas Notícias on Sport TV. He is presently coordinating European Sports at CNN International. He also anchors the CNN World Sport show from London.

Having had a snoop about some foreign media, it’s clear that Pedro is out on his own on this one. That said, if he’s right he’s right and that’s an end to the matter.

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